Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Gardening around the elephant in the room. 

I bought packets of seeds
a bag of soil
packets of soil and partitions of plastic

persian garden cress,
thai green lettuce,
rosette green tatsoi,
osaka purple mustard greens

chadwick cherry tomato



chamomile & calendula & st. john's wort

dark opal purple basil,
genovese sweet basil,
fino verde basil,
persian anise basil,
cinnamon basil,
greek basil,
lemon basil
and holy basil

new mexico sage, victoria sage and garden sage

sunflower of mixed colors and hopi black dye sunflowers

maroon coreopsis, parker's variety yarrow, bronze fennel, orange safflower, hopi red dye amarinth, french bocade marigold, unwin's mix dahlia

cherimoya and kumquat and avocado

Thyme and oregano, rosemary and mint already sprouted in small containers.

I'm tearing up the yard; I've built a chicken wire cage for compost. I have forty pounds of kentucky bluegrass and fescue seed.

I have a black thumb. I hope some things survive.

I wish I had a real elephant, that would be some good stuff for the yard.


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