Saturday, May 13, 2006


I guess y'all aren't into watching Everything You Ever Knew About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask with the Spanish subtitles on.

Usually I wouldn't be either, but either the sound production on that DVD was cr@p, or the sound production of my TV is cr@p, or my hearing is just cr@p or a combination of all above, but I have to watch DVDs with the subtitles on and for whatever reason Everything... only had French & Spanish subtitle options. How weird is that? We must protect hearing impaired English speakers from silly seventies movies! Parsing comedy from half heard and half understood is a little surreal.

So nobody guessed where "I was the first that said that the clitoral orgasm was not just for women!" was from--so I'm upping the ante. For 400 yards of sock yarn & a VHS copy of The Devil in Miss Jones (VHS! Trés kitsch!), guess what recently published (well, 2005 publication date for the hardcover) book contains this: "My final victim was sauteéd with carrots, onions, shallots, and garlic, doused with cognac, lit on fire, then baked in an oven with vermouth, tomato, parsley, and tarragon, and served atop rice." Yum.

So, I gave indigo another go. (I don't think it's supposed to look like this, but it resolved itself and I thought it was pretty. I had much better results this second time around and I credit Snowball's diligent, nearly daily urination into the indigo vat and yarn bucket. Very traditional, with excellent results. The second dipping yielded dramatic changes and if I wasn't a terrible blogger I'd have taken pictures. Better documentation soon.)

I don't have much else to mention, since everything else is in unphotogenic progress. Apparently, I need to go to a baseball game to really get some serious knitting done. No more town council meetings for me. (I went to the town council meeting to beef up the numbers so Coronado City Council wouldn't forget that a lot of people are watching what goes on with the animal shelter there.)

Joann's has started selling the bird toys the dogs love:

They have quite a wide range now with lots of calls, even a raven. But Tahoe got a turkey. I say "Tahoe got a turkey" because I bought it with him in mind, but once any toy passes the threshold it belongs to the Weaselgirl.


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