Friday, June 16, 2006

Dye-o-rama, artichokes, ladybugs and a Happy Anniversary! 

Dye-o-rama's deadline was Monday to send out your pal's goodies...which meant that Sunday night, I spun up this:

My pal didn't have a blog but said she likes pansies, chocolate, striped socks and purple, turqouise, green and was an art teacher (although currently a SAHM) and google brought up an exhibit of "mirth-enware" so I thought I might do okay with doing something different and funky. Hence the purple superwash merino, pink and purple superwash merino, purple silk loopy encasement of the superwash, purple & green & blue mohair, ice blue merino tencel, bright green superwash, green (but a sort of tealy green) silk, pale spring green merino tencel...spun to make somewhat random stripes and color changes and textures.

It doesn't look very good in the skein, it looks better when spread out so you can maybe see the colors and textures a little better:

(click to see it bigger)

If I had planned better I would have made an exact mirror pattern, but instead, if she makes say, a scarf, it will start and end pretty much the same but not exactly. I also would have had some S twist singles to add in as well for more random texture.
But on Monday, I waited for it to be dry, popped some cutesy sheep soaps and peppermint patties I snagged on Saturday's post-camel tour-Julian-browsing-shopping-pie-eating-spree and shipped it out, 'cuz I was outta time.

I was really nervous though, and almost didn't send it and just sent something more "normal," but she said she likes it, so it's all good.

Today I received yarn and a note from my swap partner, Siri of Knitting Iris who has a beautiful blog.

The color isn't quite right in this pic--it's more true in her post here.

It seems very similar to kona superwash, which is sportweight and I weighed it and there's 100 grams there, so I think I might try to knit the sportweight version of the "Lovely Lace Socks" from the Spring 06 IK.

I really like the colors in it (Nick does too, maybe I could make him one sock ;)) Nah, it's gonna be lacey socks.


Trader Joe's has those fancy purple artichokes again

and I think they're terribly sexy.

(and lemme tell you, they definitely cook faster than the others)
We steamed them and Nick made a lemon-garlic aiolli to dip them in and I made some salsa to fill them with (after scooping out the thistle) and sticking 'em under the broiler. They were good.

The color that came out of them was really neat--purple stains in the steam tray, and later the water was that beautiful vivid green. Then I made the mistake of adding alum and yarn and it all went gray. Bleh. Now I know, acid only.

Ladybug Lifecycle

I'm really loving all the ladybugs around lately, in all their forms:

The larval stage (when they eat the most) which you've already seen

The pupal stage (and ickiest)

More than a pupa, not yet a ladybug (and sorry, very fuzzy, but still you can tell)

And a full-blown (and full figured) ladybug

Ah, bugspotting...simple pleasure, simple mind.

Happy Anniversary

Thanks everybody for all your birthday wishes to Nick; he was very embarrassed by the whole post.

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary--it's odd, it feels like "is that all? Where'd the time go?" and at the same time, "four years? Good g-d, ONLY four years?" I think it feels like longer because we knew we'd stick together from the moment we, er, cleaved. We worked together first, then lived together just as roommates (although that only lasted a month) and we've kept the same anniversary. I proposed a year after we kissed at the G St Pub in Davis, and we got married a year after that. It makes keeping track of things pretty easy, because we aren't so good at that.

We had a relatively mellow day, reading and relaxing, one of our favorite kinds of days.

The picture of Nick in the post below is one of my favorites of him from our wedding day. I have other pictures that make my heart burst with joy, love, happiness and an incredible unbelievable feeling of luck, but he'd be mad if I posted them.


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