Thursday, June 08, 2006

Gardening is the New Knitting 

(...is the new yoga)

Oh, dang, I can hear your eyes rolling in your heads from here.

Alternately, this post could be titled: "this ho' be plumb wore out"

Cristina came over and helped me whack the crap outta the weedpatch that passes for our front yard.

Here in San Diego it's mostly clay and rock and my front yard is no different. So it's slow going putting anything in the ground. And frankly, since we rent, it's pretty stupid to even bother. But it looked awful, and there's been some bad vibes floatin' around of the homeowners v. the renters style (the noisy Navy kids have kind of brought this to a head) and I wanted a prettier yard anyway.

(And note to landlord, if I call you, ask you for permission to replant the yard, then send you a diagram of what's going to be going on with the request to CALL US if anything is a problem, don't e-mail a week and a half later. Too late. Sh!t's in the ground. Sorry, the yard looked like cr@p, you fired the gardener, and we'd like to live here with happy neighbors. Or at least neighbors that don't give us the stinkeye. Tearing up my front yard seems to be a major social event--it's taking me forever but everybody seems pretty thrilled and curious, so that's nice.)

I bought ladybugs because I saw what looked suspiciously like aphids on my mint, and hooray! some have decided to have babies. Really ugly babies.

Nowhere near the cute babies you see on FarmgirlFare who I found via Heidi who is too cool to post any more. ;P

Anyway, the Farmgirl has some great seed companies in her sidebar--I really need to update mine BTW. Puttin' it on the list. My favorite was Pinetree--scroll down and check out their dye plant seeds. Great prices. Only my red amaranth came up from my Seeds of Change dye seeds package, I'm not sure what I did wrong, so I reordered from Pinetree some of what I was out of and I was really excited to see indigo and woad available.

And Heidi's link to The Anti-craft made me look through it again and see the stuff I missed the first time, like Doll Parts as awesome-creepy planter funtime thingies. Speaking of, Cristina clued me into Joann's as a source of awesomely cheap planters and pots--and, oh, oh!
A metallic tubing bright pink flamingo windchime set almost four feet tall and on sale!
But I didn't buy it.
But now that I think about it again I want it. (Good g-d, WHY?)
I was really there to buy a hot glue gun for Nick, it's cute how much he loves it. Why does he need a glue gun?

The "spare room" is officially full. It's too hot for brewing beer, so Nick has picked up model remote control planes. Lots of fixing is involved. Nick had every kind of epoxy available it seemed, but the glue gun? The glue gun gives the real love.

Anyway, back to gardening. From Baker Heirloom Seed Co. I bought some fancy Italian asparagus seeds and then I read about them. D'oh! 2 to 3 years (but a low maintenance bed that goes for 15-20 years) I don't think we'll be here long enough. And coincidence--an Anti-craft article on asparagus. A weird loop my life is lately. Or at least, this post. A random. fragmented loop.

So, I now have more seeds than I have places for, and (predictably) more basil seedlings than you can shake a stick at.


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