Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shameless Displays of Indulgence 

Considering Hoth was afraid of the camera just a week ago, I think he's made excellent progress in the mellowing department. He no longer worries about the big scary clicking whirring flashing black thing and lets it get right...up...close:

Now, if he could keep his @ss a little farther from our pillows, I'd be happier.

I have no interesting knitting. I knit a pumpkin hat, but the leaves I knit looked crappy and while I could have sworn that there was a corkscrew icord in one of my books, I couldn't find it. Also, I have not posted the three hats I made and they were supposed to be there tomorrow. Not gonna happen. I hope other well meaning knitters were not as disorganised as I.

I took scissors to my hair, and once again, too late, remembered that I suck at cutting my own hair. I don't really like going to the shop to get my hair cut either, so when I went today I had the barber cut it down to a quarter inch. That way I can go a couple months before having to go again. I am brilliant. Now the dogs look like shaggy hippies next to me and I know a couple things I didn't really know before:

Well, off to do some one armed push ups.
(truth be told, I always have a hard time believing the person in the mirrror is me, so despite the blogging, I'm not fussed about my hair. I love rubbing it. It feels good.

And I am really regretting not going for some mid-90's hip-hop style and getting something razored into the back of my head, like "hi Nick!")


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