Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blogworthy Heights 

We went to Big Bear for the weekend (we is Nancy [the organiser], Heidi [the babybaker], Mary-Kay [the mover & shaker], Cristina [the bunmaster], Hilari [ze fickle mistress of ze mojo] and Yoly [the blogless] and me [whoever I am]). Check Nancy, Mary-Kay & esp. Heidi's blogs for piccies; apparently our public story is that we had way too much food and the two cars we packed were very full. No mention of the all weekend orgy, the breast exams, and the giggly topless pillow fights every hour on the half hour. I'm not sure why, since the cabin's cleaning crew has probably found and released the spa boy by now so no point in keeping secrets.

Anyway, needless to say, we had a fun weekend.

I brought three projects.

The Rogue. I'd had a funked up stitch count in the hood section and set it down for a while, but brought it along anyway. I just fudged it, I figured the stockinette stitch amount didn't matter too much, I think I ended up with the right amount, as seaming it I didn't have any puckering, and didn't have to ease too much.

So, I'm done!

Whaddya mean it still needs sleeves?

Anyway,I tried the three needle bind off and didn't like the really obvious seam. So I tried grafting it, and I didn't like the one stitch offset look it seemed to be creating, so I picked it back out and did the three needle bind off again. I'm hoping the dramatic seam look will fade with blocking and yarn blooming.

The entrelac scarf. Which I'm totally bored with now. It's good public knitdioting, but I've become enamored of Sherwood.

I brought sherwood, but didn't work on it.

The yarn is Classic Elite's pima silk, which is so soft, I love it. It seems a little pilly though.

Pomona has an appointment on Saturday. I'm both hoping they are wonderful and perfect for her, and hoping they are absolutely unsuitable and we get to keep her longer. I love watching her run, her happiness is so infectious, and I am loving how she makes a little bit more progress each day. She's started coming out onto the deck to look at us through the railing when we come home, which is big progress, and the other day she even stayed out long enough to sniff my hand and get pets before shooting back into the bedroom, which felt like huge progress.


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