Friday, October 13, 2006


In case you've clicked over from Wendy's, I apologise for my pathetic tantrum in the post below. I'll post explanations later, but please know I'm not really a ranter. At least, not here. Anyway, if you were curious about how much yarn I actually used for my bicolor cardi, here it is:

85 grams of the contrast color--although I have not knit the collar yet, so I may yet have that maddening experience of breaking into a 100 gram skein for a yard or so of extra yarn. Given how much I knit with the other grams though, I think I won't.

Anyway, so call it 100 grams used of the "required" 200 grams called for in the pattern. If I use more, I will amend this post. This may prove the impetus to actually finish this.

Of the 600 grams "required" for the main color I used 343 grams.

I used the yarn called for in the pattern, Louet Gems Opal in Teal and Fern. The linked page is a page from the special order section of my shop, if you scroll down you can see the prices and put up amounts. You can see that this is a not inexpensive yarn (and I sell everything below the suggested retail price) so I think it's important to mention the huge gap in my actual usage, so people can maybe their iffy buffer amounts in the 50 gram put up, instead of the 100 gram skein put up, from their local Louet dealer. That way it won't hurt so much if you have to break into a new skein for a little bit.

Of course, everyone knits differently and has different risk-of-running-out comfort thresholds. And I don't mind the extra skeins since I really enjoyed working with the yarn and being superwash merino it's great for socks and baby stuff.
It will be used, eventually. Probably sooner rather than later.

But for those who are afraid of massive oddball stash, it's a thought to think on.

Here's a horrendous photo of the pieces laid out. It pretty much still looks like that, just crammed into a knitting basket.

I'm with the majority of posters in Wendy's comments, I would of course rather end up with too much than too little, so it's okay with me that padding appears to be standard practice. I would like to see the actual knit weight of the garment pictured though, as unrealistic as that is. I always buy extra yarn. I hate running out of yarn. So the persistent extra is really just in the irksome and odd category.


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