Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I've spun another bobbin's worth for the Rogue, but still have to swatch it and make sure it passes muster for inclusion in the project, matching the drapiness, slubby quirky-ness of the other, etc.

Doing this reminds me of what seems to be a common lament among spinners, to whit, that the more experienced one is, the less quirky and interesting the yarn is. Less Colinette Point 5 and more ...er, I'm blanking on a consistent dk weight single ply name.

What Classic Movie Are You?

I have never seen this movie, but I might as well agree with this assessment of character as it is IMO highly flattering. I am a little pissed. I heard that Raiders of the Lost Ark is a result option. That's what I want to be!

I don't have much to post otherwise. On a personal note, I just returned from visiting my grandmother in Arizona this weekend. My grandmother has had an amazing life: she was born in 1908 and traveled through Europe with her sister in the thirties, was in Spain around the same time as Hemingway, learned to fly an airplane, was an incredible artist with oils, was a toreador in México, married in her thirties to a young lawyer who had a brilliant career, had two sons and a loving family...and now her husband has died, she is bedridden and in constant pain, comes in and out of mental acuity, struggling to remember basic facts (but is sharp enough to be embarrassed that she cannot remember), fighting to control her own prison of a body, and is battling to maintain her dignity.
This is a woman who used to be mortiified when one of the grandchildren "double-dipped" in a communal crackerspread, little surprise then that she argues with the nurses: "Don't call them 'Pampers.' I do not need to wear them, and I do not need to be changed..." and when the nurse holds up the dirtied diaper, "I didn't do that, that is not mine!" It is excruciating for her to be moved. The distress of being changed forces her bowels to evacuate again, so she has to be changed twice in a row every time.
I just wonder why we give animals the benefit of a dignified exit when life is unbearably painful, yet we make our loved ones suffer through untold indignities and pain.
I would never let one of my dogs suffer like this. It makes me very angry that she is being forced to do so. And sad, because there is nothing I can do to help her.

I hope that when it is my time, I either don't wait until I can't do it myself, or that the law has been changed so those who love me can help me choose my time without fear of prison.

And I hope that I do not have a granddaughter blogging every embarrassing detail.

I just can't find anything redeeming in this, it just seems like she is being punished.

Crap. What a depressing me-me-me-blog this is becoming. I better get crackin' on the Rogue, or at least finish something so I can post some picture which isn't generated by a quiz site.

And what the hell is going on with my img src from Imagestation? Hope that's resolved by the time anyone cares to read this. [I always skim for pictures ;P]


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