Thursday, March 04, 2004

Marriage is love.

I think the internet has really revolutionised grassroots protest and political movements. And I use the word "revolutionised" in that highly self-conscious yes, I know it's cyclical sense, because on the one hand, it makes it so much easier to disseminate important information, to give interested parties a heads-up on the issues and contacts, to get people together easily...and on the other, sometimes we really do get desensitised when faced with so much important stuff over and over. I signed the Millions for Marriage petition, I'm on the Move On list, and if I donated to every charity I wanted to, I'd be be broke-ass broke, as opposed to just generally skint (you can't be too broke if you've still got an internet connection...although I guess maybe some people blog from public libraries or schools). My focus seems to be going in and out lately, and it takes a colourful bit of e-banner to make me pay attention for a little bit. It's hard not to be discouraged when things you believe in, the worth of which seem so intrinsic and obvious are voted down, pissed on and set on fire. But that's what I get for living in San Diego, CA, a city seemingly bursting with "it's not my problem" kind of people.

Anyway, Rogue progress: I steamset the twist of 160 yds last night and hung it up to make sure it dries. Smelled like a sheep fart when I pulled it from the steam rack.

Does anyone want to suggest a good reliable free image hosting service? The whole point of this blog to me (although you wouldn't know it with all the whining lately) is showing pics, and Imagestation isn't cutting it. I sent them an e-mail, but since it took them a week to get back to me when I contacted them regarding offensive materials in their albums (sh*tloads of copyright violations and one really creepy album of a man's wife and her teats and sad eyes which was getting +/- 1000 views a day) I don't have much faith in them and getting to see the pics soon. I checked the coding, the img src address, the images in the album, everything appears to be fine but they're just not showing up. It's weird, and any advice/solutions/suggestions would be appreciated.


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