Sunday, March 21, 2004


I feel better than, and have nothing to complain about relative to this individual.
But...I had a whole bunch of dental work done this week (net result: three temporary crowns) by a sadistic gum-gouging dentist. Since I haven't been able to chew too well, I haven't been eating too well (which is to say, I've just been eating what's here at Dad's house, which means salts, fats and refined sugar--I've had more soda here in the past week than the last six months [meaning about five 12 oz. cans, and considering how much sugar the average soda has I guess I'm lucky my organs haven't crystallised]) and the sunscreen I wore the other day seemed to have expired, meaning I now have a cold sore on my lower lip, and unyummy tender sore spots on my gums. Plus, I'm pink all over. Wah.

And while I was trying to sew together the Vegan Fox I remembered why "spaaz" is pretty much the best word to describe me. I sewed the rear legs on, thought "oops, that won't work, wrong side," cut the legs off and picked out the stitching, sewed all four onto the other side, THEN realised I'd had it right the first time. Gah.


I did have an ethereal experience by the hummingbird feeder yesterday though. I stood right behind and underneath and twice had two different hummingbirds come within six inches of my face, checking me out, assessing my threat level. Apparently they decided I was level orange (which I believe means "extra vigilance" and "Huh? Whatever...") With the pointy beaks and jerky swiftness I was a little nervous to have them so close to my face. But I stood there and just marveled at how amazing they are.

Trivia bit: In the dictionary, hummingbird in Spanish is colibri (coh-LEE-bri) but around here you'll hear them more often referred to as chuparosas (choo-pah-ROE-sahs, lit. "rose suckers") although I haven't seen it in any dictionary.

When I brought the camera out, it was a different matter. Nobody came too close to the shiny thing, so this is the best picture I got:

And at my own cozy La Mesa home, the jasmine is exuding its intoxicating somewhat melon-like smell. Catching the passing whiff is a glimpse of gorgeousness for the nose.

Oh dear, it's late. Time to pile the kids in the car and head back to Casa de Shih Tzu and start kissing ten snouts beddy-bye.

BTW: The bull/matador photo was taken by Kike Para, you can see a small sample of her other photos here.


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