Friday, March 05, 2004

Somewhere along the blooging trail, I ran into a reference to PhotoBucket, with not much more than the name, just one blogger thanking another for letting the first blogger know about it, so I checked it out and it is the perfect solution to to my Imagestation issues, since image hosting and direct linking is what it's for, and it's free, although I think if one uses it one is honourbound to toss a couple bucks or so into the paypal account.

So I went back and redid all the tags, so hopefully now people will be able to see what I've been/will be yapping and tapping about. I reformatted a little to make it more pleasing to the eye.

I've really been enjoying learning little by little new things to do with html and blogging. My next goal is to learn how to do a cut tag here, like the folks over at LiveJournal, so I can hide my ramblings and extra pictures so they won't load unless people specifically click to see them.

Not a new finished object, but the weather is getting warmer, so I thought I'd show off an old FO, a wedgie-o-matic bikini from Rebecca:

My husband loves it because my boobs pop out, it doesn't cover much of my ass, and when I try to go swimming in it, the cotton stretches and has to be retied or else it falls off... it's a randomnaughtypeepshow suit.

It was fun to knit though. Maybe I should translate that into latin and put it on a family crest, as it seems to be becoming my motto: "Yes, it's unflattering/doesn't fit, but it was fun to knit."


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