Saturday, June 19, 2004

Happy Juneteenth! 

Last night I was preparing an artichoke as a late night snack, and I thought I'd use the leftover water to dye some of the BFL I'd originally spun up for the Rogue but decided against using. Just the other night I'd boiled some Globe artichokes and the colour I'd poured out had been gorgeous. Last night though, it was a European style artichoke and while delicious, with a much bigger heart, it didn't produce the same lovely level of vibrant emerald green the Globes had. But I'd already soaked the skein dammit, so I poured it in and fired it up, and then mixed some acid dyes. I tried a green and blue variegated, but ran out of yellow to make the green with, so just ended up adding more blue. Too much blue, so I turned off the flame, soaked more yarn, and added a second skein.

The darker skein is the one that had been originally dyed blue and green, so it was more of an overdye when I added more and another skein. The picture isn't quite right of course, it makes the colour look a lot more inconsistent and lighter than true because of the flash of the camera. On the second, lighter skein though, there are some noticeably lighter dyed bits by the skein ties...I guess I should have soaked it longer, tied it looser(?)

I turned off the dyebath early and there was some unexhausted dye this morning, so I soaked a fair bit of roving (6-8 oz)into it. But it was turning out too light a sagey green for my tastes.

I was thinking about doing a light frothy bouclé for sort of a seafoam motif through the "moods of the sea" themed blanket I'm planning for my mom, but eh, it was just too light looking. I still wanted green, and really, not that much darker in the end, but having run out...I rummaged through my cupboards and found a packet of Toki:

Guatemalan Kool-Aid, basically. I bought it in the only store in Tenejapa (a village in Chiapas). Mixed with blue, it made a nice spring green, but not enough so I ended up going to get some good ol' 'merkin Kool-Aid and throwing that in with some blue too:

Aaah, that's more what I was looking for (though the piccie's a bit darker than true, 'course your monitor may vary) for my seafoam bouclé...

I'm just treating it like regular acid dye, so we'll see how it turns out.


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