Sunday, June 27, 2004

Spoils from Solvang 

In the spirit of sharing the triumph and exhilaration of a successful hunt...

I bought this kickass mongo swift, finished, sturdy, swedishly useful.

4 oz. of Ingeo fiber, a groovy dark green. 4 oz. of Firestar fiber, a snazzy, sparkly blend of greens.

2oz. of locks, for dyeing crazy colours and then spinning. I think I'll make a clown merkin.

16 oz. of supersoft 80s merino fiber. A set of short Brittany dpns, size 1.

A bottle of Createx dye, yellow, so I don't have to fool with Kool-Aid again for dyeing 'less I want to.

A Dyer's Garden: From Plant to Pot Growing Dyes For Natural Fibers by Rita Buchanan, a neat little book(let) of random trivia spinning tidbits called SPIN SPAN SPUN: Fact and Folklore for Spinners and Weavers by Bette Hochberg, and from The Book Loft new, used, and antiquarian bookstore, I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson (Mrs. Martin Johnson). From the title of this last one, I would think it'd be the story of my life, but it's actually an account of exploring Africa by airplane--published in 1940.

Yes, yes, it was a rockin' day.

As if you didn't know it from her blog, Jen is supercool and ridiculously charming.

Jen holding the life of a grotesquely large sandflea in her hand and NOT crushing it. A testament to will.

On the way home, as you could see from the pics above, we stopped by a beach and saw more "sandfleas" hopping around than I think I've ever seen in my life. There were many happy dogs frolicing, and we saw what seemed to be two different types of dolphins.
They seemed to be playing or hunting, and one leaped completely out of the water in a total Free Willy flip.

G'damned show-off. Harumph.

Now here I have a couple of questions regarding things seen at the beach.

#1) What is this?

It looks like some little model of a quantum universe or something.

And, #2) Why is this flag at half-staff?

I've been noticing it around that flags are still being flown at half-staff around state and federal buildings/properties...Are we still "mourning" the Gipper?

So here's another reason I love my car:

I reset my trip odo everytime I refuel, and in case you can't see it, that badboy says "426.4" and my fuel gauge indicates just a little less than half full, despite sitting for an hour in standstill traffic on the I-5 south of Del Mar because they had to close down all lanes while investigating a fatal TC. Which I minded, but didn't mind, as I got some knitting done in the parking lot that was the 5:


Same ol' boring double moss stitch sampler square I've mentioned before.

The drive home to San Diego was pretty cool, as I caught the finale of the Disneyland fireworks show:

Yep, yep, a purty good day. Now I'm going to take my new books to bed.


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