Sunday, July 04, 2004

Feliz Fourth! 

Here's all the progress on the peace shawl, all glorious 27 rows of it:

Granted, I've ripped it out quite a bit, and now take the time to thread a "safety line" through the knit row, moving it up every four or so rows. That always happens with me and lace, and I always forget about it until I start a new lace project. Until I get the feel again, and a sense of the pattern, I spaaz a lot. That's me, Lady Spaazalot. (I watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" the other knight. Night.)

I have to say I'm not digging the Nandia any more now that I'm working with it. But I like the lace project, it keeps things a little interesting, and I like that the Fiber Trends pattern gives me the option of following a chart, or written instructions.

4th stuff
In my family, the Fourth is pretty much bigger than Christmas. The one year I've missed it, I watched the fireworks going off over the San Francisco Bay from my Oakland Hills apartment deck and felt like an excommunicated Catholic watching a big, noisy, sparkly communion.

It's tradition for the family to get together the week of the Fourth and spend the time doing beach stuff: barbecues, bonfires, swimming and surfing. Gradually though, as my cousins have grown older, more and more of their friends and their parents have started showing up. Fine, except the kids run and scream and break things, and the parents just roll their eyes and act as if they never spawned them and aren't responsible for their behaviour as guests in my grandmother's house. Last night, they broke a couch. No consequences.

This year, it seems that half of their upscale housing development in Scottsdale has descended, and the noise is just out of control. Think Lord of the Flies on the suburban island of Coronado just off the coast of San Diego, and if they start killing each other, it'll be a sweet relief.

Because of the chaos factor, if I bring any knitting to the Coronado golf course fireworks show tonight, it'll probably be the critterknitter blanket.
Simple, simple. And relatively relaxing. No pun intended.


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