Thursday, July 29, 2004

Firestar! Cocker Caper! 

If it wasn't a jerky, pain in the ass thing to do, {and I had permission) I'd put Joe Cocker's "With A Little Help From My Friends" linked to play on this girl's picture.

I originally posted her story and what needs to be done, then deleted it, because it's admittedly a little shady. The quickest way to get this girl to a reputable vet and a loving home, is to have a doppelganger dog go to its own vet and get a health check. The neglected dog could then be chauffered to the US with that health check in hand. The Border personnel check the animals and insist on the health check paperwork. If she comes across as an owned dog who just went down for a day trip, she gets a pass and a new, healthier life. Technically, it wouldn't be her health check, but she'll go straight from Tecate to her new vet and new home in San Diego.

Mi madrasta first met this dog when she started doing relief work for her church down in Tecate, and became curious. My father, a retired peace officer and now a private investigator, traced this dog to a family in L.A. Apparently, she'd been stolen about three and a half years ago, but they've already moved on and wanted nothing to do with her. And while the family she's living with now does feed her, they don't really care for her, and she's a purebred cocker who needs a consistent diet, medication for her eyes, and well...love and attention. Something I view as a basic right of a dog, but I know I'm lucky to have the luxury of that viewpoint.

There's a local cocker rescue I will contact, but I thought I'd give the informal and cozy world of fiber blogging a shot first. There are a surprising number of San Diego bloggers who've wandered through...

Here's a bobbin of Firestar...

After I got used to it, it actually became very easy to spin, but I wouldn't call it a pleasure. Not soft, just shiny. And definitely meant to be a component of a yarn, not the thing itself, unless you're a masochist into unbreathing fabrics with plasticy drape.


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