Friday, July 09, 2004

Stuff and stuff... 

Stuff always gets in the way, y'know? Sometimes with blogging, I feel the temptation to post every day, with some little amusing news tidbit, [although I don't] other times, I'll go a week or so with absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute to the blogger discussion flow...

Anyway, you wanna see my progress on the peace shawl?

What, you say? It's too small and dark and blurry to see the lace and all you can see is the pattern and bare needles and a center-pull ball...and oh...

That's because I ended up ripping back to the ball even after smugly setting in a safety line. I'd made a mistake and had ripped back and put it back on the needles, but somewhere along the line I must have dropped a stitch even below the safety line, or f_cked up putting it back on, or threading the safety line, [hey, this blog doesn't harp on the spaaz thing fer nuthin'] and when it started pulling out I said, "Heck, let's see what happens," and let it pull all the way down through the pattern. After all, I was only around row 40, and I'm a big one for rippin' out and starting all over. But I've put it aside for the time being, as I've got chemistry studying and good books and more mindless projects to work on:

The first is part of a critter knitter blanket (on top of the finished 36" square) that will have some knit paw prints tracking across, and be trimmed by knit strips. It may end up to be 36" square, but we'll see.

The second is the minimal progress on the Map of the World afghan, up to the level of Oaxaca and Chiapas, and the little splotch of red is supposed to be Jamaica I guess, though it's charted the same colour as Cuba. The proportions and geography aren't that accurate in this pattern, but until I try to convert my own map of the world to a knit chart for aran weight yarn, I can't really complain.

Beside chemistry, here's what I've just finished reading this week:


I love Jane Smiley, I loved
Moo, but I just kept waiting for this book to really start, to really go somewhere, to make a plot goal and stick with it. It felt like a writing experiment that hadn't been subjected to much focusing, much editing. Like Duplicate Keys, it felt like an experiment in genre, and kind of "meh" at that. But, I did finish it, and if I really don't like a book, I don't read it--if it's not for a class, anyway.

I highly recommend The Curious Incident... though, ostensibly about a fifteen year old autistic boy who solves the murder of a neighbourhood dog, but may be more about human frailty and coping mechanisms.

I downloaded from audible.com and have been trying to listen to it, but between the narrator's insufferable voice and the author's insufferable style, it's been ...meh...insufferable. I'm going to give it another shot though, because this [literature, feminism, the interaction thereof] really floats my boat.

Hey, since I started this post, I've almost made it to Florida on the Map of the World Afghan! Woo-hoo! Almost 600 kms, the fastest knitter on my block!


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