Saturday, August 14, 2004

Happy, happy, joy, joy 

A quickie, with not much knit content...

I'm really happy with my new job; it's a lot of fun. There are a couple things I'd change if I were job god (create consistent Standard Operating Procedure for each job position, add an overnight dog care shift) but since all these dogs are "owned dogs," I can just leave and look forward to seeing them again. I don't have to worry that they're overweight, have health/behaviour problems, or too old...they're already adopted! A job I can just leave at the jobsite is a really nice change from previous work experiences.

Audible.com offered a free Says You! monthly sub, so now I have that and Science news to listen to while I'm driving to work. I'm also listening to On A Pale Horse by Piers Anthony (and enjoying it) and still have my month's book credit to spend at audible...welcoming suggestions...

I'm also really excited about the Santa Monica Fiber Fest coming up. For myriad reasons, like seeing Jen again/meeting La of JenLa, embarrassing myself in the spinning contest, test-driving some other spinning wheels (not that I don't love my wheel, but I figure this is as close as I'll come to going to a swinger's party, I might as well get my fingers and feet into it) and seeing what kind of a hoe-down S/M can give the fiber world.

As far as knitting, I've done as much knitting as OJ has done searching for the "real killers." Okay, I take that back. More than that, but not enough to show anything interesting.

Bélu and I have the second session of our Head Start class tomorrow. I love it. It's like couples therapy for dog and owner, and it really is helping our relationship--how we relate to each other and listen, which sounds cheezy, but it's great and I feel so relaxed afterwards. And smug. Bélu is a border collie in a whippet body. The only trick is getting her to WANT to do what you want her to do. And since she's foodmotivated it's easy. We're taking the class with my Mom and Sheila Doog as well. Which is really fun and interesting for reasons that are only fun and interesting for me. So I'll skip it. If this goes well, my mom wants to start doing agility classes with Libélula, after Doog goes back home to Arizona, which is just how cool a dog grandma my mom is.

[this part with pic deleted b/c the picture started to really creep me out (Stepford ho, anyone?) and the dress she's wearing looked a lot like the bedspread in my Grandparents' La Jolla guestroom...creepy, creepy. And since the other stuff spun out of it, I thought I'd shorten that too. Suffice to say that Amy Boogie rocks, but everyone knows that. I guess I could have edited out my oobedience school stuff too, but that's my journal kind of stuff I may want to read later]


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