Friday, September 24, 2004

Fighting back 

I spent a bit of hot-sticky time hanging skeins on the wall of our spare room. Four nails were hammered in semi-equi-distantly, double-stranded hemp (spun myself, smelled like duckpoop!) was tied to the first nail, strung tight and wrapped around the second and third and tied on the fourth, then short lengths of yarn I don't care about were used to tie the skeins to the twine, attempting some sort of ROYGBIV sequence.

Of course, I felt like I was knitting wool ponchos for Florida hurricane victims when I realised this still lurked in the living room:

Yes, a whole huge plastic tub of balls of yarn, and some unfinished projects. And there are more unfinished projects and their wound up balls lurking in baskets around here.

And a bag of donegal tweed skeins for the Map of the World Afghan, and 16 or so skeins of Reynolds Gypsy cotton yarn (summer sweater? In San Diego? Okay, maybe for a night bonfire at the beach...wait, yeah, I'll just grab my sweatshirt and get around to it later).

But I will find ceiling studs and screw utility hooks in and hang those IKEA kid toy organizer thingies from the ceiling for my balls, and for my baskets, and maybe nail some unfinished projects to the wall as reminders...why yes... yes I do rent...oh, don't worry about those little nails and big honking utility hooks. Won't be nothing some toothpaste and chalk can't fix later.

Just kidding.
I'm sure I'll fill the bigger holes with Elmer's glue before I smear toothpaste and chalk on...

No, really, just kidding, I am sort of an adult now.


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