Friday, September 10, 2004

Mod Squad Knits? 

So ja, I'll bet all you schmarty-pantses already know that the new Knitty is out.

There are quite a few patterns to love and be inspired by, but I wouldn't be a dork if this didn't just leap out and smack me playfully on the @ss. Talk about helmet hair; I love it.

Well, I better go. I have to wake up at four tomorrow, and believe it or not, I'm thrilled.

Just a couple things before I go, though. I have actually been knitting a row here and there on a cardigan that's an amalgamation of two patterns from IK(see May 16th entry to look at the yarn and two patterns) and I'm not sure I'm keen on the way the colours are coming out. But I think this yarn was almost meant to be this cardigan and it's too scratchy to be a scarf or other close to the skin smaller item which might show the colours pooling better.

Second thing, don't forget the first spaazlicious blog contest. I'll put up a button or something in a little while, but remember: despite its hamhanded Catholici-ness, it's really just kind of a reminder. Check out the local volunteer opportunities in your area, you'd be surprised. You can edit/update websites. Use your digital camera to take pictures of shelter dogs and post them, knit hats for chemo patients or preemies, stuff envelopes, or visit people at a convalescent hospital, making small talk. You know those coin canisters and food donation bins you see at convenience and grocery stores? Sometimes they need people to drive those things from point A to point B. The nice thing about being a volunteer is that you decide what you want to do and when, and how much.

See, there I went all preachy and stuff again, but back to the point, just take a few minutes to look around and see if you have some spare time and a skill to give. Maybe you can't do it now, but just think about it. And send your entry with "contest" or "blog contest" in the subject to TORTA_DE_TORTUGAathotmailpuntocom.

And, because I have to redeem myself, I give you (a non-worksafe!!!) link:

a site for wool sweater/clothing/yarn fetishists

You don't have to join (unless you want to look at galleries or fullsize photos) but it's a bit offputting to look down and see the "last upload" photos scrolling with pictures of a man jerking off, his penis poking out of a cowl neck sweater he is most definitely wearing the wrong way and look up to the "random" pics and see a ribbed fingerless glove which looks an awful lot like the ones you knit from an old winter IK. The woolfreaks link is thanks to this thread in the knitting Livejournal community. When I first checked it out, there were pictures scrolling of what appeared to be someone sticking their thumb through a centerpull ball of mohair. After I joined (yes, well, it was free, wasn't it?) I could enlarge and see that it was a sadly under-endowed and apparently very frustrated man's genitals.


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