Monday, September 27, 2004

Yes, yes, I am most definitely going to hell... 

because I found this hilarious. It's the "I [heart] Abortion" baby bib that I find the topper, really...It's all about being the only child? Thanks to crazy links for the St. Clinton link, there are some really great stickers there.

(I am a recovering sticker addict. The only thing that keeps me from expressing myself truly upon the backend of my vehicle is...well, San Diego is a town with some real redneck @ssholes, and I like my paintjob the way it is)

Oh yeah, knitting:

The fresh start of the Meringue Yoke Cardi, with a too southwestern tint to the blue of the yarn...it is darker. Less Caribe, more Pacific. And there are yarn-over holes amidst that garter stitch, so it is almost lacey.

And I've just started listening to Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I've heard wonderful things of the book, wonderful things of this narrator, and it certainly has a great start to support these. Transgender, hermaphroditism, these things are very interesting to me. I am enjoying the audio experience of the book but I think I am not alone in wishing that you could pull up the text of an audiobook occasionally on a listening device. Just sometimes, you wish to see how a thing is written.

I ended up not enjoying On A Pale Horse so much, ultimately, because after awhile, I tired of Piers Anthony's "suddenly, Zane realised..." style. I suppose I am a fan of "show, not tell" writing, and I don't enjoy interminably obtuse main characters.


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