Friday, November 26, 2004


I have a serious case of the "blahs." Nothing seems to be going right and lots of little things seem to be going wrong, and some big things too.

And if we leave out the big things, something I am trying very hard to do, to keep these things from wasting any more of my time or heartspace, we're left with this embarrassing predicament: running out of yarn.

I'm up to the yoke of my cardigan and have (optimistic guess) perhaps 100yds of the crayonbox bouclé left and I really don't think I can finish the yoke and do the button bands in that amount. What you see in the pic (at top) is all I've got and all I will be able to get (as far as I know).

But it's moot anyway, as a cat bit me on the tip of my left thumb, so it hurts too much to knit. G-d, I'm such a whiner.

So I guess I'm just posting to say: "I aten't dead." I just haven't got anything interesting to blog about. And while that's never really stopped me before, I also am in a bit of a funk when given time to sit and think and it's not something I wish to share, I just want it to pass on as all things must, sooner rather than later (I hope).

Here's a picture of the lighthouse at Crescent City, which reminded me a lot of a Maine coastal town: booming with tourists in summer, pretty closed-up in the colder months. And gorgeously peaceful and clean then.

There used to be a connecting road, but it was eaten by the sea.


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