Monday, December 06, 2004

File under: "Duuude that's soooo coooool!" 

I just bought three holiday presents for family members using some paypal acct funds...thus funneling money from not-so-great-past-gifts-auctioned-off-on-eBay into (hopefully) gifts the previous donors will receive and love.

Fingers crossed, books as gifts are always kind of iffy.

What books did I get? So glad you didn't ask! I got a book I won't identify for my mom (just on the distant off-chance she's checking in here) and two copies of What's So Amazing About Grace? for two so-called Christian family members who are bitches from hell.

I guess it's a "I respect your beliefs even though you don't respect mine, but here's a clue you dropped a couple miles back" kind of gift.

Speaking of on-line shopping: is it just me, or is Electric Fetus, or "efetus" as its website shortens itself, an unsettling name for someone you find via a google search for better prices on your favourite local-made lotions?


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