Monday, February 28, 2005

i am a bird of bright plumage 

I finished the cardigan over two weeks ago but was too embarrassed to ask Nick to take a dorky, crappy photo of me 'til this evening. I don't know why; he knows I have an on-line journal and even reads it sometimes. (Hi Honey! I'm sorry I kept trying to stick my finger up your bottom the other night!) just kidding. really.

I ended up sticking to the Meringue Yoke pattern of IK Winter 2003 out of sheer laziness, and given the egginess of the colours of the yarn I had to fill out my rapid decreasing ball of main colour with, I guess it was meant to be. I like it. I made the sleeves a little longer because I hate having my wrists exposed. I'm still a student at heart and I like to have something cushy to prop my chin up on while I pretend to be paying attention. Total primary school teacher colour scheme though, eh?

Since I'm trying to stick to the Amy Boogie one big project, one little project at a time plan, this means that the Map of the World afghan is my big project, and a pair of swirly knit tube socks (the After Bertha pattern in Socks,³ in Lorna's Laces UCB colourway (actually, the yarn you see by the snout of Crivens in the pic at the bottom of the e.e.cummings poem). I'm up into Canada (past Toronto) and onto the swirly part of the first sock, if that means anything to anybody.

Today when I got home, I saw a Woolworks catalogue sticking out of the mailbox. I read it in the tub and was overwhelmed with acquisitive lust...but since I know I have more stash than I can handle right now, and my wheel is languishing (BTW, it has a name now: Doug) I blew it out on imps' ears. The guilt of this unneccessary consumerism was serendipitously alleviated by Nick bringing up the rest of the mail which included a check from a scumbag credit card company I kicked to the curb awhile ago (I overpaid their usurer's fees in my purchasing of my freedom) and thus it all evens out at the end of the day. BTW, if you're into the whole BPAL thing and you haven't read Perfume...well, you should, because it's right up your alley.

One thing's for sure: I need to find more time for spinning, and put some of my yarn and needle stash out for auction. I blew over half of last week's paycheck on a stash dresser that (at its present size) won't fit it all.

You know I'm such a joiner, I think I'll join this stashbustin' trend. Like all these kids who dump their Merck stock jes cuz Vioxx be givin' everbuddy myocardial infarctions 'n' shit.

Wait, I'm still behind the trend and a yarn stash hasn't given anybody a heart attack yet--no matter what the melodramatic among us claim--so I guess that anal-ology doesn't work.

Next Week:

More pictures of the dogs I'm obsessed with!

(possibly) Auction listings as proof of de-stashing!
(g-d forbid I just knit faster and more)

A book review comparing (unfavourably)
Chuck Palahniuk [of Fight Club authordom fame] with Lemony Snicket!

A confession of my (now-not-so-secret) desire to bear Paul Simon's dwarfish love-child!


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