Monday, March 14, 2005

An excellent dog beach day 

Bliss is happy healthy dogs.

I love Coronado Dog Beach. I still miss Redwood park in Oakland and some of the great doggie playpals Tahoe had at Partner Park in Sacramento, but this is the best place in San Diego (that we've found) to let the dogs be dorks off-leash together.

In fiber notes:
The Nandia cashmere/silk, the GGH Monsun, the Classic Elite Zoom, the Manos Flame, the sz 11 Brrittanys, and the sz 6 Crystal Palace circs from the de-stashing post have had dibs called on them, and I'll modify the listing to reflect that when they are out of my possession and truly gone. There's still lots more yarn to be rid of though, if'n ya wanna help a girl out.

If you're planning to come to the Wednesday meetup at the Claire de Lune this week and you have skeins you might want to put into knittable center-pull balls, bring them along because I'll be bringing my ball-winder and swift for a bit of BIPping (Ball-winding In Public).

To knit on I'll be bringing the same sock I was working on at the Whistlestop. I'm beginning to think I'm a knitting poseur. Or is that poseur knitter? I forget my junior high syntax for these things.


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