Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Pretty Good Day 

Early in the morn we picked up my dogniece and dog sister and headed to dog beach with a full car:

We walked to Coronado Dog Beach's fenced corner and everyone froliced off-leash.

And I realised I have the cutest freakin' niece ever. EVER.

I wrenched myself away from those eyes and picked up Heidi d'Absinthe to head to the Weaving Thing in Escondido. I behaved myself and paid no more than seven bucks for any one thing (a needle-nosed bottle of Schact spinning wheel oil, 2oz. of gray yak, 2 4oz. packages of that awesome New World Textiles Pima cotton in Lupine colourway) and resisted the song of this book.

We wandered off in a quest for a gallery of guild-created items (unsuccessful) and a French bakery & chocolatier (successful), where despite the gastropodian pace of the food service, we enjoyed ourselves looking at the pastries

and smugly discussing our intellectual superiority over this creature:

A little later we wandered back to the car and through a great kids park and stopped to look at the painted tiles of the wall, where several community schools of all levels had contributed painted tiles. This was my favourite:

The phrase "Give Your Love" and the shapes and hues of the sheep lips give me hope that I am not as sexually deviant as I feared, for I am not as kinky as an elementary schoolkid named "Linsey Bradshaw."

Holy $h!t, I just googled her and realise that she is now thoroughly capable of kicking my ass. That's so awesome!

I dropped Heidi off and headed home to nap with Nick. We awoke, showered, copulated, and he went to work while I went off to see Mexican short films.

It was an excellent day by any standard.

BTW, regarding the shorts: I think "Pato de Gallo" "Genesis 3:19" and "Jai" were my favourites. "Espiritu Deportiva" was good for some laughs. "Respete Las SeƱales" was utter crap except for the new factoid that in Mexico, after 10.30pm, women driving alone are allowed to go through red lights as long as they do it with caution. ~sigh~aaaah,~sigh~ Chivalry lives in a land of machismo.


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