Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Reason #42 why I love my job: 

I get to smell all the dogs I want.
(seriously, I can't get enough of that happy dog smell)

Of course, it goes the other way as well.

For the record this is actually a close-up of a pic of Breakway and I playing on the slab and her running up behind me to punch me in the butt with the snout. She's a naughty little monkey that one--it's a breed trait whether the greyhounds like to admit it or not.

Hey. In going to Ande's, I see that I am blatantly ripping her off*--anybody want to start a meme? Those bloggers who post about their jobs anyway...what do you love about your job? I tag the ladies of JenLa perversely because they bitch about their jobs so much, but there must be at least one thing to love, yes?

I also tag Stella, and the fastest knitter I know: Lauren;)and LoriO.

*The duplication was totally subconscious I swear!


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