Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ha-ha! I am unemployed! 

I'd call myself a Household Engineer or whatever the new coy way of saying "housewife" is (ugh, "housewife does sound awful) but the house is currently a shitpit and I prefer to disassociate myself with that. So I'm a bum.

Yeah, a bum sounds good, because, hey, you don't associate bums with houses...and it's got the whole bottom association thing going for it.

Anyway, two pics I'd like to share from my last day.

First, though, a brief intro. This is Slains:

He is a very intelligent "fuzzy." Fuzzy=lurcher-type, perhaps wolfhound bred with greyhound, who knows. He sits, he knows how to "wait" and we were working on "shake."

He can be very sweet and affectionate, but he can also be a perverse dick.

Like peeing or pooping in his crate immediately after coming back in from his exercise time. There are even towels set up on either side of his crate because he likes to try to pee out and into other dog's crates.

A conservative estimate of the laundry I have washed and hung out on the line personally soiled by this dog is perhaps 150 pounds...so this was my revenge:

There he is, depressed by his faboolussness, his badly painted nails.(I now know I will not getting a job as a dog groomer/manicurist pedicurist). He was a very patient boy and held still while I did each nail and blew on it to dry it.

And here, so exciting, is a picture of the fruits of fifteen or so minutes with a butter knife and a pair of scissors trying to unclog the tubing of the vacuum because someone had put the bag in backwards.

And someone else left a note that said, "The vacuum isn't working very well."
Maybe it would be nice if you'd checked the bag before sucking several shih tzus worth of hair into a tight clog in the vacuum's tubing.

Yes, such a thrilling post so far, eh?


We have a new foster dog. Meet Cambria:

A better pic will be posted soon, but today's her first day with us and she's being the perfect guest, so I'll wait until tomorrow to start shoving the camera in her face.

We said goodbye to Soho around six this morning as she shipped out to Santa Ynez and her new home with two male whippets. Such a good girl. She and Nick bonded pretty strongly in a very short time.


Oh, in actual knitting news, Lakeside Knits did have just two more skeins, so I do have enough for a front pocket.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love that shop.

She's just so damn nice, doesn't charge above the suggested retail, actually has wonderful yarn in her sale bins (and always has a good sale bin) orders anything you want (at least, my experience so far) and has a quality selection of cross-stitch stuff too (not my thing but I've been told the stuff she stocks is the shizzle).

I also snagged four balls of the Luxury Mohair for quick-knitting gifts at 60% off $6.89, which means the most expensive things about them as presents will be my time...which we know doesn't cost much at the moment.

I could have seamed up the sweatshirt by now, but I haven't. I've got a bit left to knit of the hood, then the pocket, then seaming...and then I'll be done.

I must be the slowest knitter on the planet. I tell myself it's because of all the days I don't get a chance to knit a stitch, and the days I get just one row in, but really, I'm a damn slow knitter. I love the yarn though and can't wait to wear it.


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