Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Here and now, then and there 

I think in blogger netiquette I'm supposed to 'pologise for being a crappy blogger right about now. But if you're reading this right now, and you're not my mom (Hi Mom!) and therefore also read a lot of other blogs, you already know I'm a crappy blogger.

So let's dispense with the formalities.

Let's start with the here and now:

I gave notice at my job.

I still love GAC, but I can't help who I am and where I'm at in my life (i.e. I need a challenge to keep engaged) and want to work at the San Diego Humane Society.

Although I daydream about a dogwalking/training handspun yarn business on the side. I just don't think I'm brave enough or know enough about running a small business to make it a reality.

To prove I still love GAC, here's a pic or two of our current foster dog, Soho:

Even though the angle is odd, she does actually have a bit of a disproportionately large noggin.

I'm sure it isn't to house extra brain because...well, she's a greyhound.

She's very playful.

Today, she barked and barked at Nick to get up at 6.50am (I was at work) and he kept telling her, "Get up. Get in bed. Go to sleep."

So she put her front legs and chest up on the bed, laid her head down, fell asleep, then slid off the bed because her heavy ass dragged her off. I'm sure she gave Nick a mortally offended look for the distress he caused.

Here she is in a happier moment, demonstrating the "Playful Cockroach" pose:

And to bring the past and present together, I'm going to spin a bit of Siberian Husky hair I have for the next Spin-off challenge from when I worked at the BEBHS from a boy named "Bear" (his family moved to Japan) with whom I absolutely fell head over heels in love.

If we ever have a house and an acre, I will have my way. As D-g as my witness!!!

Okay, here's a pic from our North Rim portion of our vacation:

That's the Grand Canyon in the background...if I hadn't put off the whole "spinning in front of the canyon posed picture thang" off 'til the last minute, there was a spectacular rock formation with natural chairage within a mile of our cabin on the Transept Trail, but this pic was taken ten feet from our cabin stoop and it started to rain as soon as I put the Lendrum together there. I was fine spinning in the drizzle but Nick was worried about the new camera. Typical, but it was still kind of a thrill to wind on and look up and see the Canyon.

Hey, just in case someone reaches this page by Googling "North Rim Grand Canyon" or Lodge or whatever because they are planning a trip: The nearest ATM is Jacob Lake (41 miles away) so bring lots of cash. Unless you are a total dick who doesn't tip the housekeeping or mule guides. Then you should just walk off the Rim, really, be my guest.

Anyway, if you thought that last pic made my thighs look big, check out my ass, it's so big, it's four states wide:

We also gave the Dineh money to walk up to an observation deck and take this pic:

We could have taken the Monument Valley 17 mile scenic ruttted road, but we felt more in the mood to snag some fry bread from a stand down the road and make some more Taos-bound mileage.

They actually had a great exhibit on the original code-talkers there too. I admit, I cried while Nick was using the restroom. War exhibits make me cry, I can't help it, I'm such a stupid dove, plus, it really gets me when it's something like the Tuskegee Airmen or the Navajo Code Talkers because they are people who have even less of a reason to fight and die for the American Gov't, yet they do anyway. Stupid bleeding heart hippy.

Here's an indigo rainbow on the way to Taos that really didn't come out at all well...but 'cuz Michelle said she liked the sky pics I'm gonna post 'em anyway...

And looking back the way we came:


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