Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Mish-Mash 

This is for the person who reached my blog by searching for PERRO FRESH POO. Bon apetit, but I prefer to call this piece "Summer in Lakeside."

Sadly, I had that pic on my hard-drive before I found that someone had reached the site with that search phrase. I am socially doomed.

I just thought that maybe I'd document some of my workday, since I'll soon be somewhat unemployed.

And honestly, I'm not too squeamish about canine fecal matter because, well, it happens.

It happens a lot in my line of work, and in fact that day I took the pic was the day after we'd had two earthquakes and everybody was blahditty-blahging about them and the only reason I cared was it meant that two dogs freaked out enough to poop their crates and spread it all over.

Explosive diarrhea has its own aftershocks after all.

Anyway, this poopy diversion of blog-posting was sponsored in part by La's"National Poop Day" story, as I have no patience for creatures who pretend the need/desire to poop only to spend a ton of time wheedling poop-process stories from another, yet producing no product. That is just a Freudian theory waiting to happen, my friends! If a dog hollers that they have to go, then they spend five minutes doing nothing, back inside they go. Performing poop processes promptly is priority numero uno (not number two!) in my world.

Reason #347 why I should never attempt to birth or parent a human being.

Here's a sign I see every day on my way to work that, unsurprisingly, makes me think of Inky:

Here's another sign I see that makes me giggle:

It's in front of an RV shop, and while somehow I never associated Onanism with RVs, it does make sense...it's a lonely life out on the open road. Ha! And the first page returned by Google searching "Onan RV" brings up a page titled "FunRoads RV by Onan and Cummins" snicker, snicker.

I guess I am twelve years old and all my jokes are gross and dirty. It just seems like a really misguided brand name.

But here's something beautiful to balance the other stuff out, Tahoe lining up to catch the frisbee:

We bought a new camera right before our trip because...because...well, we wanted to. The DSC-P31 has served us well and been very durable, but the photos are more snapshot quality and the speed hasn't been great. Our new camera has a sports mode which is very fast, although the autofocus can be slipshod (to be expected with the pups on the beach, really) and you can blow a shot up and not lose too much detail:

Belu mid-shake, I just like the facial expressions

In fact, I wish I'd had our new camera when I'd taken the "summer in Lakeside" pic, because then you could have enjoyed detail like this:

Lucky miss, yeah?


I am still plugging away at my hooded sweatshirt. I'm on the second sleeve, with the back and front also done, but still need to do the hood and a front kangaroo pocket which isn't in the pattern but a hooded sweatshirt without a pocket is a strange idea to me.

Then, meh of mehs, the finishing begins. Just in time for summer!


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