Monday, July 04, 2005

OOh, a new Knitty. 

I love Andre. He's definitely my favourite, although I don't think I'll ever knit him.

It's such a spot-on intarsia rep of the "real" thing.

And I love the description for Hardcore:

The cardigan has baggy sleeves (because, let's face it, baggy sleeves are cool) that are three-quarter length so that they don't get in the way when the wearer is DJing, break-dancing, doing graffiti, or participating in any other hip-hop related activities.

Meanwhile, said wearer is making it clear that he not only has mad hip-hop skills, but mad knitting skills as well.

Damn right, this knitted cardigan is strictly for the hardcore.

I know, without a doubt, that his Mama is real proud.

I can see knitting Tychus:

And I know I will knit Cigar, perhaps with a Broad Street style modification for myself, but as it is for the men in my life. Oh, so many men. ;P

BTW, I've cropped it, but the pic for Cigar is a great one. Sure, you don't see how far down the wrist the glove ribbing goes (but who cares, & who knits to pattern in such a personal preference anyway?) but you can see the knitting clearly and see the affection the photographer has for their [surly-looking] subject. I dunno, but it charms me.

Of course, if I knit any of these, it'll be a miracle, because 'm such a project slowpoke. And if I knit them to pattern, even more miraculous, because there's also an article by the Bitchy Canadien Knit Goddess herself on gauge. And of course I mean Bitch in the most "Feminist Response to Pop Culture" sort of complimentary way.

While it might not always turn out as well as I'd like, I definitely prefer to look at pattern particulars as suggestions and the designs as inspiration. I think it's fun. And I think that's the point.


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