Monday, July 18, 2005

What's this spider got? 

This guy's roaming around in our laundry room with this egg-cluster-looking thing in his/her mouth (chelicerae?) and I've never seen such a thing. Is s/he carrying them around to lay more then spin a web around, or is this how this spider bundles and cares for its eggs? Are these even eggs? Is this some other spider's egg cluster that this spider has co-opted for snackies? I will be observing (between the endless laundry cycles) but I'm curious for answers from others.

And just in case the spider pic is creeping you out, here's the next thing I snapped a photo of, coming back through the gate to go back up the stairs:

The silliest looking guard dogs ever.

I done read dese books. Yep.

Hard Truth and High Country by Nevada Barr. I love these Anna Pigeon books, even if she is always walking into these long dark night of the soul with only a murderous sociopath for company situations. She's a mystery solving, mountain-climbing, hiking, case-cracking National Park Ranger of a certain age, and I like that sort of thing. And the character's come a long way in gore-tolerance from Track of the Cat. I wish Jamie Harrison would write more Blue Deer mysteries.

Portuguese Irregular Verbs by Alexander McCall Smith. Cute, but I prefer his female voice of Botswana, so I think I'll skip the others in the series.

Fiber Content

I was messing around with some of my handspun, labeling it for sale and snapping photos to eventually set up a shop site, and this is one of my favourite skeins. It's BFL, but the colours I dyed it make me think of mermaid's hair because of some of the slightly bluish tints that appear amidst all the grassy greens:

I sent its evil bigger-yardaged twin to Mandy.


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