Friday, August 12, 2005

In between trying to set our heads on fire... 

...I have actually been spinning. And, I've been doing stuff on the legal side of setting up a shop, so I figured, in the meantime, while Etsy's doing its free listings thing, I'd set up a shop and see if anyone out there actually would want to buy my handspun.

Nick and I keep going back and forth about the pricing. He says I'm undervaluing my work, and I say that no one will buy it at what I actually think I'm worth since I have such an inflated opinion of myself anyway that I might as well price it at a place I might buy. Go here and please, please, please tell me what you think.

Anyway, pictures of a spinning FO! I love spinning because I think the transformation of this:

Freshly dyed coil of roving.

to this:
All pre-drafted like a mofo.

to this:
Two bobbins of S twist singles, awaiting Z direction plying patiently.

to this:
A two ply, awaiting further plying in the S direction to make a cable.

I just think spinning fiber to yarn is so pretty and cool in all the transformations and incarnations that it almost makes the end product unimportant. Almost. Ta-da:

A cabled 70% wool, 30% silk sportish weight yarn, hooray!

I am not so good at plying, but I love the variation and how the end product looks like a very long tedious chain of crochet.
But it's not!
It was a lot of long tedious plying! Hahaha, fooled ya there.

I'm spinning up 100% Tussah silk for a yarn I've had in mind for a long time...and since showing your spinning with a bit of bling seems to be en vogue lately, here it goes:

(hey, when you've been unemployed for a while, a dime does count as "bling")

I don't think I've finished any fun books lately, but I did see The Third Man and Dr. Strangelove, both movies I had not seen before, both absolutely fantastic.
I've got to get me some Graham Greene.


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