Monday, August 22, 2005

A quickie pic-intensive post 

Okay, this time we're serious about the limited internet access for the next week, this time we really are getting our bathroom ripped apart by a very nice young man with the unfortunate name of "Randy." Edit for clarity: These pics were what the bathroom looked like after our Randy-man ripped the foul vinyl sidings and strange plastic moulding off the shower walls, revealing a moldy nasty interior linoleum mishmash
...you should have seen it when I left the house--ripped all the way to the studs, yeehaw!

How do I know that this time it'll really happen?

Because this is what our bathroom looks like right now:


double ick.

Speaking of ick, check out the drama that played out on our deck the other day:

It's a gigantic spider (that's a bee s/he's wrapping up and sucking dry) and here's a better pic...I love that fat creepy abdomen.

The web and spider are gone now, though there is a sad little carcass hanging off a single strand.

I know I'll be in and out of the house because I always forget things. And I'm super-excited to be getting a new bathroom with actual tile, not linoleum and weird vinyl walls, so I know I'll be checking the progress pretty often. But mostly, this next week, I plan on seeing a lot of this:

And spinning like mad. I have only two skeins left in my Etsy store! Wow, thanks everybody!

Here's what I'm working on now:


potential mixings with more mini-skeins.

Random: I love the little starfish in the center of this wound ball.

I'm going to try to make some sort of spiral or bouclé yarn with the green wool and blue silk; it's a yarn I've been wondering about for a long time. It was the yarn I had in mind when I chose my business name (even though dragonflies come in all sorts of colours, my favourite combo is that emerald green and saphire blue).

I did the green a long time ago (on Audrey, the Mazurka) and I just (finally!) finished the blue tussah silk Friday or Saturday. Man, that seemed like it took forever. It's thread thin in places and slubby in others (demmed neps! demmed spaaziness!) and there's a hell of a lot of it there, enough to mess around with the mini-skeins and act as a ply and binder for bouclé.

And this is how the murky supersoft merino is spinning up, around fingering weight to become a three ply. I'll spin up four bobbins of this (I only have a pound of this spongy yum) and three bobbins will go to make the 3ply for a skein to knit up as a scarf for my brother, and the other bobbin will become a 2ply for sale. I'm looking forward to seeing the overall effect because the colour lengths are really long but I'm not doing it in any regular way.


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