Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where to start? 

Okay, first, let's pretend it's Monday. Here's what I would have posted on Monday:

City of La Mesa: Bite My SHINY METAL ASS!

Sorry, what part of "home-based business" do you not understand?
How am I supposed to run a home-based business under license if (abiding by the conditions of the license) I am allowed absolutely NO deliveries related to my home-business to COME TO MY HOME, allowed absolutely NO clients, or anyone related to the business to COME TO MY HOME, and allowed to store ABSOLUTELY NO MERCHANDISE at my home? Sorry, but where's the "home" in "home-based business" come in here with you guys?

I mean, I pay a $33 filing fee and a $35 license fee for what? For you to POOP on my dream? Bad enough you say we can only legally own two dogs, now you say my home-based business cannot do business in any tangible sense of the word? (I guess I can do something with the phone, what, I don't really know.)

But please, O Wise City of La Mesa, tell me why one of my neighbours can advertise DAYCARE services with a SIGN ON THE LAWN while living, literally, RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THIS GUY, yet I cannot sell handspun and handdyed fibers and spinning supplies from my house? Is it the sheep thing? 'Cuz this handspinning business, it's all about the wool, there won't be any sheep involved, I promise.

Anyway, so if I'd posted on Monday, I WOULD have posted something like that.

And in case any of you wool-deviants out there got all excited about knowing the approximate location of what is going to be a stash to rival Amy's after my Louet order is delivered, I'd like to show you a bit of what I did on Wednesday.

Yes, laugh at my poor shooting form if you wish, but I was 90% in the ten-ring, and I'll protect my stash in a similar fashion --because you might just possibly leave the gate open while stealing and then my dogs would get out, and THAT my friend, will make me angry. And you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

And, yes, that is a silencer. (And the cutest little gun! With the lightest little kick! It should come in PINK!)

This was done with a substance we should all write our congresspersons about controlling, but it really was too much fun to say what it was...suffice to say, it was a lovely variation of the ammonium nitrate theme.

In the meantime...

Lanas de Libélula sold five skeins to three lovely people and...

well, this is going to be a long bit.

I am incredibly happy and grateful that anyone even likes my yarn, let alone will pay money for it--even though I love it, even though I know deep down that I make yarn that's fun and a pleasure to work with (but, oh, oh, what if it's just me? Which is why I will be always so thankful to Mandy for her comment in the previous post, even though I'm such a spaaztic @ss I haven't e-mailed her to say so) and I have so many ideas, beyond just fiber, that I want to get out there and into the marketplace. There are so many handspinners selling their stuff out there, but I do think I have a unique place. And, so far, I'm having a lot of fun. Although, Paypal's a b!tch with a big bite, ain't it?

Here's my major problem with Etsy: too much fun stuff. I went. I listed. Then I made a mistake. I browsed. I spent half of what I've made so far, buying delicious-smelling lip balms and a cute little skull with a bow felt magnet

(Kind of because my brother always called Mom's dog Crivens, "Crivety-Criv-Criv" and we miss him and so it jived, plus, she is totally a Skull and Pink Bow kind of bitch)

And for whatever reason, I just had to have this "Mexican Pirate Tote:"

Which has little puffy fiesta balls at the bottom, the skull is cut out of that funky oil cloth with white stitching and white felt grin, a super-tacky faux rhinestone fastening, along with the crazy stripes and green lining inside. I also bought a little fiesta clutch for my cousin for Christmas that may get "lost." I bought it from a chicki-doodle in Orange County whose shop on the web opens in September.

That thing hanging on the back of the chair is the sleeve to my Noro Butterfly. I was suffering a crisis of faith and needed to cast on for a project I actually wanted, not just "had the yarn for" and I'm digging it so far. I did a better job replicating the Noro colour-changing with the green than the blue, as that block of lighter colour is bigger than it should be, but I don't mind (just yet) and I'm probably going to shorten the sleeve by an inch and ¾ because I do like my sleeves long, but not that long. It feels good to be knitting with my own handspun and really, truly, liking it more than any other. "I'm so vain, I bet I think this post is about me."

Here it is, knit from the other end of the ball and on size 7s --which just didn't feel right, so I went up to the recc'd US8s and tried it from the other end of the ball, I only show this to show the other striping, and the colour swirl within the ball.

And Crivens says, "It's soft enough to sleep on!"

Sorry, it kind of blends into the sofa, eh?

I also ripped a massive and hideously busy tube sock I'd worked way too long on...

...which always feels good.

And, somewhere in there, we went to dog beach.

P.S. I think we may have to stage an intervention. Obviously, "real life" is interfering with Heidi's blogging and that's just...normal. But still, dammit, I miss her and I know I'm not alone.

P.P.S. Thanks to all of you for agreeing with Nick on the prices. I have raised them as high as I can bear to, so if you want something, go get it and I promise I will figure out some formula for pricing. Someday.

I'm really not sure how I can compete as a business though when handpaintedyarn.com has prices like it does. Does anybody know anything about the site and where the stuff comes from? How on earth can they offer 135 yards of handspun for $6.20? I mean, wow.

P.P.S. I love my free little tracking code thingy. I don't check that often (really!) but I'm alternately totally amused and totally creeped out by the fact that one of my most popular search result referrals is "big ol' booty" or "pompis" which both bring up a picture of Crivens' big ol' doggy bottom while sacked out in a breakneck angle on the couch, and it also shows me cool people who apparently like me enough to link to me, yet I haven't seen their sites before (have I?) like fathom who has a very cool dog and looks so familiar that I am increasingly concerned that I committed some indiscretion with her when I lived in the Bay Area and have misplaced the memory.
Damn it, do I know her? Or just really envy her?
It's a weird wired world when we begin asking ourselves these sorts of questions.

Or maybe I just need to start drinking more water and less beer.


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