Saturday, September 24, 2005

T'other day... 

I heard the parakeets shrieking (like they do when they are low on seed/water/we're on the phone) and I saw a shadow pass across the deck. Then, hello, my beautiful beady-eyed friend who is not intimidated by my awed "shoo. go away. don't eat my stupid multi-colored non-native species birds. shoo"ing:

In fiber-related news, I actually have an FO (for the LYS) and Louet delivered some of my backorder today. So, some dyeing to come.
And I will remember to take a pic of the FO even if it is not mine to keep on Monday.

And Monday morning I have an appointment with a merchant banking dude to see about a non-paypal payment acceptance alternative (and whether it is worth it).

And I vow to stock my etsy shop next week. I have (I think) the exact same two-ply KPPPM is made of, so I'll be sorry I poo-poohed it, I am sure.


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