Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Uh, um. 

As I said to Nick last night, "How many times do I have to make a mistake before I learn and stop doing it?" I was referring to some other mistake I made last night, but I repeated this sentiment to myself this morning.

But first, some backstory:

I received a marvelous funpack from Mandy which held a huge bunch of vintage knitmags (some disastrous fashions from which I will scan and inflict on this blog soon) and a skein of Koigu KPPPM so that I might know its "deliciousness."

I love getting mail. I loved getting this package from Mandy and knowing that she thought about me, remembered a much earlier e-mail conversation and sent me this skein and these fun mags...but I still don't "get" the Koigu thing.

I'm so glad that she sent me this skein because I see people posting willy-nilly about how wonderful it is, but I don't know that I would ever have shelled out for it and the suspense of wondering whether I was just crazy and missing out on the best yarn of my life would have slowly eaten away at me...

But first the positives: great colourway and very strong and likely to be quite durable. I don't hate it, I just think it's been hyped.

But, it doesn't feel that nice to the hand in the skein or while working it; it feels like acrylic to me. The six balls of acrylic I bought in the market at San Andres for thirty pesos is softer though. As a two-ply merino I expected nicer loft and hand (skooshiness, I believe is the technical term) But I wanted to give it a chance, and discover the secret to the kpppm joy, (and I love the colours, now THAT is a camo colourway) so I whipped out a fingertipless glove.

I used the basic glove formula from the Winter 2003 IK, and in it they have you knit the thumb portion with waste yarn instead of just placing the stitches on the waste yarn and casting on to bridge the gap as I have done before. Which is a neat technique because 1) I hate casting on to bridge a gap. I do knit-on instead of the backward loop, but I still end up with annoying slack 2) while knitting around in the round, I find the thumb sitches sticking out annoying. What can I say? I'm a nitpicker.

But it is hard to knit it to fit when you can't stick your thumb through.

So where's the FO pic? Um, yeah, so here's where we come back to the "mistakes repeated" thing. I can't find it. I think I left it somewhere around the blue sofa, but I've pulled all the sofa cushions and looked everywhere and can't find it...and I think one of the dogs got it. So here, after all of that, I only have an in-progress pic, with the thumb and pinky still undone:

I immediately cast on for another because I knew I'd never get 'round to it if I waited, but, but, but, should I really keep going?

I think I should wait until I find out what fate the other glove found before I spend time knitting a mate for a possibly mateless fate.

I hope no one ate it. I have a history of wearing mittens that have been through a dog's digestive track, but I'm an "adult" now, and I don't know how I'd feel about it.

I'm hoping I'll find it just a little bit savaged somewhere.

Or maybe I just can't find it 'cuz it's camo-coloured.


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