Friday, September 09, 2005

What a dullard 

What a boring post I left last, oh my. About as boring as waiting for a file to download.
At least it was knitting related, although maybe that proves my theory about how boring writing about knitting is.
When it's done by me, I mean. Some people can work it, I am obviously not one of those people.

Let's go from little to big in the news department shall we?

First, I put up a button in the sidebar for a page where you can buy anti-administration, pro-troop stickers (and this time the paypal button works), if you're interested.

Second, and last (mildly) political thing in this entry, here's a funny screen shot from Viper007Bond I found via Jack Bog's blog.

I'm reading up on Portland blogs because Heidi and I will be up there October 6th through the 11th, doing a natural dye workshop that weekend.

We're staying the day before (the 6th) and the day after (the night of the tenth, morning of the 11th) wif wun o my crazee cuzzins so if'n anybody wants to meet up up there, that'd be fun. Or suggestions of stuff to do...although we may just walk into Powell's and never come out, from what I've heard of it.

I scanned a bunch of photos in and processed them yesterday for posting, but the system must have burped because half of them were gone. Weird.

But because I want to share Mandy's generosity with the world, I tracked those missing images down, so here they are:

This is one of the wackiest crochet booklets. I love the allover mesh crochet jumpsuit look--why isn't that popular now?

Further, the booklet contained some great accessories, including the trés chic faux roman gear.

Creepy French family.

And the God of VogueKnitting sent a plague of bobbles among them...

Just because he's wearing a matching hat, scarf and mittens set, don't think that you can mess with this guy.

Another Aran pattern booklet had a man with a bow and arrow...Aran Clans and a Culture of Violence? Or is it just to offset the feminising influence of bobbles?

#1 Fashion Victim: The Pink Bismuth Mummy

This is the coolest collection of vintage craft magazines, and Mandy rocks for passing them on. Nick and I had a lot of fun looking through them. I love them, and amidst the trendy patterns there are some real classics and the beautiful lines I love from these older patterns. She gave me permission to share the love and I'd feel guilty if I kept them all for myself, so look out LoriO!

Friday was an excellent mail day, an UPCO.com order full of greenies for the dogs, the photos I finally got 'round to ordering of our southern Mexico trip, and ta-dah!

the long-awaited Louet order!

Some of it is on back order, but hooray, yippeeee, YAY! I almost rolled in all the dyeable goodness. Some of it is cooking in the oven as I type, some of it drying in the spare room, some of it still bagged and pristine to be sold as is. But I am now, officially, a Louet dealer. Woo-hoo!


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