Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Totally f----g random, generally unintelligible 

(an actual grocery list I found in my notebook:)

paper towels


what I love (no particular order except for the first and maybe the second [sorry mom & Belu])


what unnerves me:

I know many bloggers better than my own neighbors (why did she run down to Severin? I still don't know. What's his name? Is her name Barbara? Who the hell are these people? And why are they out working in their garages at 3am? What is he building in there?)

Well, at least I know how many bloggers represent themselves online, and all I know about my neighbors is that they love to park in front of our house. It must be the catpoop their free-range kitties leave in our iceplant which draws them in so aromatically.


I'm packing for Portland and debating. Bring the fuzzy mohair sweatshirt? Or bring the more sensible fleece layers? Hmmmmm....


Did you guys know Lantern Moon makes black sheep tape measures? I didn't. But they only put one in each order bag. So, there are definitely some unexpected perks to working in a little LYS where you are the only employee, even if there's no discount.


I had a good time at Nancy's; I always do at these things. I'm not sure when I picked up the habit of rapid departures though; I suddenly realise how late it's getting, pack up my $h!t and go. In my family there's a tendency to linger forever saying goodbye, maybe that's why I have such a "head 'em, up move 'em out" backlash going on. Dunno. I know it can seem odd, but I can't seem to help it.

Here's the bobbin of superwash I finished later at home:

I'll ply it with the second half of the superwash (which has the blue bits in it) and make it into a sweater for Tahoe. It is a bit overwhelmingly green, but I love it. Green is a very lucky color, and I've been told, a holy color of Islam. Maybe I'll try to finish his sweater by the end of Ramadan.


I'm really excited about Portland and this Natural Dye workshop, as it's something about which I know almost nothing. Just Powell's, just rain, just walking tours and a gentrifying city. I most likely won't be able to blog or even check e-mail, but I'm taking the big phallic-lensed camera with me so I should have at least a couple fun photos in the end. And a Powell's t-shirt. And one for mom. And the new Rushdie for Nick. And Neil Gaiman's latest for me, And Niffenegger's latest for mom and me. And maybe I'll find some gently used copies of Walker's stitch encyclopedias. Hell, I'll be lucky if I make it to the workshop.


Oh, and my brother sent me this link to an article about LYS in Alaska:

Vera Obeseo, another retailer, is making yarn-based companionship part of her business plan. Obeseo, 41, opened her Palmer shop Fantastic Fibers in late 2003 in half a building. She bought the building last month and plans to expand into all 3,600 square feet as soon as her tenants leave in October.

"I'm adding a yarn cafe in the front," Obeseo said, where people can sip coffee, knit and chat. It will have a top-loading washing machine, necessary for felting projects that are all the rage, and a TV for husbands.

That sounds like a damn cool space.


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