Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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It seems like I have been spending a ton of time on the computer lately, but not much time here. I'm really excited about something I've been doing and I can't wait to show you, hopefully by the end of the week. Hint: it has something to do with the removal of my etsy shop button.

Sunday was fun, Nancy has a nice breakdown of it with good pics. I honestly wasn't going to buy anything, because my Secret Pal sent me a nice package with anti-stink stuff & a lint brush (she really has my number ;)) and a pound of lovely dark green merino fiber to spin.

But Village SpinWeave was there, and had one Lendrum jumbo bobbin, so I had to get that.

And then I lost my mind.

This was a four and a half pound bag of Lincoln-Targhee cross for sale on consignment with the Morro Fleece Works booth and I just couldn't stop digging my hands into the CLEAN gooey lanolin-y loveliness that was "Eloise."

Even though I'd been blabbering to Nancy about how the effort of raw fleece just doesn't make sense money and time-wise not an hour earlier.

I have been wanting to try spinning in the grease for a while, and I think the nasty eBay experiences kind of compounded the desire. And then, I saw Eloise's silver patch and that was that.

I just love shepherd(esse)s who coat their sheep. I know there's some controversy over it, but I don't care. I love you guys for it, and I love those relatively vm-less locks.

I have more to blather about, but less time. Here's a pic of Snowball's bed the other day:

The stuffed ferret? Okay, normal toy, after all, I bought it for Belu (our "little weasel").

My sneaker? Okay, still within the normal dog plaything range, although not exactly appropriate. He grabs the laces in his mouth and shakes it fiercely, thus giving himself quite a headkicking.

But a roll of pennies? Where did you even get that from, kiddo?

Weirdo greyhound.

I set up an album for him on flickr, but this is my favourite pic of him on there:


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