Thursday, November 24, 2005

'Tis the Season 

Man, everybody is running around with cranky-faces on this week. Yikes.

I myself am easily irritated and "angsty" lately for no d@mn good reason. I had a nightmare last night that Louet sent me three skeins of the "Pearl" (sock yarn) and charged me $65 in shipping fees. Lamest. Nightmare. Ever.
It's just a weird time of year I guess.

So here's a list of my reasons to knock that anxious sh!t off:

  • 3lbs of merino/silk came today in the "lichen" colorway. I think I'll be spinning it to make a 3 ply, but I haven't decided whether I'll be plying it with itself, or with some other color. But I think it will become the Rogue.

    Yes, starting that nonsense up again, we'll see how long it lasts this time.

    In the pic here it is next to a pound of Ashland Bay's merino/tencel in "peacock" and a pound of "Pine Merino" my SP6 sent me (it smells like baby! Good baby smell, not gross baby smell). So I think I'm going to spin thin and try some different samplings of the colors.

  • Friends who set you up with great straight lines:
    Heidi said:
    "So what would you knit for your man if you were to knit him a sweater?"

    Well, first, I wouldn't knit him a sweater.

    I might really want to knit him a sweater, I might love for him to wear a handknitted-by-me sweater, but I have to be honest with myself and knit him the item that HIS heart desires, that HE would actually wear.

    Yes, I'm talkin' about the "mancho":

    Okay, no. Not really.

    When I've finally got 'round to spinning up the merino/possum Mom bought for the specific purpose of making The Handsomest Man I've Ever Married a sweater, it will probably be one of these two:

    Sorry for the cr@ppy scans, but you get the idea. They're both pretty unisex if you ask me, and not terribly fussy. The first is from Sirdar Family Denim Book 283 (the same as I knit my hoodie from) and the second is Kathy Zimmerman's "Bed & Breakfast Pullover" from IK's Winter 2003.

  • The infinite variety of a bit of wool, a bit of dye, and a bit of time with a spinning wheel can produce.

    (Although, sometimes, even with different materials, we handspinners produce eerily similar results.)

    South African Fine Wool, dyed blue and green (o' course).

    L to R, a standard two ply, light worsted, then a bit of thick and thin single, and then a spiral yarn (though it doesn't look very spirally in the pic) created by holding the light colored single fairly firmly and at a straight 6 o'clock position to the orifice and very loosely and rapidly feeding the a thick multicolored single made from a separate section of the roving onto it at about a 90° angle.

    Very fun. I should have locked it down with a binder to make it easier to knit with, and I should have left it longer on the bobbin for the twist to set, or washed it immediately. But I didn't, which might be why it doesn't look terribly spirally (and I liked the way it looked as-is, and didn't feel like adding a binder, so that's my excuse there).

  • Spacebags. I went a little crazy and put all my personal yarn stash that wasn't on the needles and personal spinning fiber that I don't have direct plans for in the next two weeks into space bags. For the sheer feeling of organisational power of it.

  • I found my wedding ring again; it's been lost for almost a month.
    It feels good to have it back, and I was starting to get a little frantic and sick at heart about it. I only take my ring off for pottery, and usually I remember to pull it out of my pocket and put it right back on after we're done, but somehow I forgot. For a week, and then, it was Lost. But now it's Found, hooray!

  • And pottery. We are still loving us the pottery. Nick wasn't very happy with the way his glazes turned out this time, but he produced some very cool shapes.

    His are in the middle, click here for more pics, I made this page up to share with our families without dragging the blog into it.

  • And Crivens, the beautiful Crivens. Sometimes weekends just feel weird because she's not here. She's just so pretty. I love her angles and lines.

  • And our own dogs as well, of course.

    Today, I laid down in bed just to watch Nick sleep and breathe him in and Belu came in, leapt onto the bed, and dropped her stuffed cat on my head.
    The crusty one that's all the dogs' favorite and stinks like all the dogs' mouths and bottoms. Yeah, "well-seasoned," we call it.

    Anyway, I just love how attentive she is to us, and how she doesn't let me wallow in moments which might be needlessly sappy and smarmy. I just love the way he smells, especially when he's sleeping, and stinky pussy was just the thing to snap me from the moment. Good girl.

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