Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Excuses, excuses. 

The computer finally had its complete and utter breakdown last night as I was logging on to get my mail and do a nice arty post. Really. With pictures of my lopsided-mammary-gland-inspired-but-ultimately-beet-like-pottery and everything.

And a picture of Snowball blissed out dreaming of his new love, May. She came over last night and rocked his world; he even started to do his upside down kicky-puppy routine for her which he only does when his heart is bursting with love and happiness.

And I was going to talk about our fun Sunday, but since I didn't take pics, I would have to refer you to Nancy's excellent breakdown of the event anyway. Check out her Vietnam trip pics too, just amazing, I was jealous 'til the potty pictures. ;)

So here's a semi-random new year's resolution:
Build a navajo-style loom and weave the 10"x23" sampler piece using Tiana Bighorse and Noël Bennett's Working with the Wool.


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