Saturday, December 31, 2005


  • Stashbusting, fiber and yarn.
    No more yarn or fiber buying unless I have a very specific plan for it. Of course, LdL provides a nice big loophole there, as I have to make samples for the shop, don't I? I have to really be well acquainted with my product, yes?
    More Euroflax, Venne Cottoline and Gems for me please!

  • Learn more about natural dyeing. Try to stop having Hilari's sock reaction to it (eyes glaze and roll back in the head).

    Part of this: do seasonal dyestuff hunting hikes, take advantage of this climate while we live here--actually do a dyer's garden.

  • Learn to weave, start with a navajo-style loom, work up to a harness loom?

  • Get back in shape, do the Bay to Breakers run in SF with Stella.

  • Get pregnant. Ha! Just kidding, darling.

  • Go back to school, kick ass and take names.

  • Make LdL look more professional, cleaner, easier to maintain and update, figure out ZenCart/osCommerce.

  • Manage my time better. School, exercise and a part-time job will probably help with this.

  • Cook more at home, being more adventurous with ingredients.

  • Resist the impulse to buy live poultry.

  • Always remember how blessed I am. It's not many people who find such an amazing partner at such a young age (I think 21 was young, don't you?) let alone build a family and find friends which make us so happy.

    Even if they're a little bit goofy.

  • Go to dog beach more.

  • Spin and knit the damn Rogue already.

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