Monday, January 30, 2006

Racing for a real post... 

I don't think I've mentioned here that Nancy has goaded some of us into signing up for a half marathon. Apparently she noticed our knitting and spinning hobbies are, uh, kind of sedentary.

Now she's poking at us to do a mud run, a fun little five kilometer run through an obstacle course of muck. If it's like the hugely popular (so popular they have two days of it now) Camp Pendleton mud run, we'll need to use a half a roll of duct tape to keep our shoes on.

Actually, that does sound fun.

After the Revlon 5k, I pretty much stopped running. Stopped going to the gym, didn't do much but the occasional lazy stagger around dog beach after the dogs, so I'm really glad Nancy has provided this impetus, especially since it meshes so well with Nick and my goal to enjoy our surroundings more, take advantage of the weather and so on and suchforth since we don't actually know when we might be moving. And I guess I've found that my motivation to exercise also needs to involve

I mean, look at all these local running events. I guess this is what happens when you have disgustingly nice weather most of the time.

I like these events:

  • An April Fool's Day 20k, very hilly...probably won't be in shape enough for that but it might be something to shoot for: 41st Annual EL Cajon 20k flier (pdf)

  • The aforementioned 5k mudrun, practically in our neighborhood, April 8th.

  • Easy, fast, for a good cause: Race for Autism, a 5k March 25th in Balboa Park.

  • May 13, Running Through the Vineyards 10k sounds fun. And the weekend before that is a good practice 8k, the U-T's Race for Literacy where you get to run down the 163.

  • May 21st, the 12k party which is Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, which Nick and I hope to run with Kirsten. Check out her new cute header. Aaaaaaw.

  • How about a practice Half Marathon, running 8k of it on the Great Wall of China? We could dress as Mongolians, it'd be fun!

  • September 17th, the event which started it, the Disneyland Half Marathon.

    and then, so I don't immediately stop and get tubby again like last time:

  • In October, running across the Coronado Bridge?

    Well, dang, it looks like I'd better get a job to pay for all these race fees!

    Look, knitting!:

    Fingerless gloves from that Baby Alpaca Grande. Soft & superfast knitting. I have enough left over for maybe a baby hat. Bulky knitting on the wrists isn't the most flattering, but I like them anyway. They look slightly better on:

    I also feel better about having lost the packet of cable needles as soon as I got home from last Saturday--it turned out they had been stolen. I found them in the corner bed lair:

    Fortunately, the needles were fine, the package was only ever so slightly gnawed.

    And Ande sent me a very cool package with lots of stuff I love, including dried dead bugs!

    And indigo!

    Fun stinky times to come man, yeah.

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