Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stashtastic ball-bustin' 

I went through my personal yarn stash and found that I actually only have enough yarn to do two sweaters. Unless you count a pound of cherry red mohair or a pound of fingering weight wool yarn, which I prefer not to. I'm going to set up a flickr album to keep track of it, like Jess of fig and plum.

Well, three sweaters worth if you count the one I'm working on now, making it up as I go along (which means bouts of happy knitting interspersed with bouts of ripping. sometimes what looks good in your head doesn't look good from your hands).

The rest is a bunch of oddballs, sock yarn or odd bits involved in slooooooow projects (I really should prioritise those). Anyway, stash talk without pictures is boring.

Okay, the stash would have been four sweaters worth, but the Cabaret Raglan wasn't such a disaster out of Reynold's Gypsy yarn after all. It didn't eat up much yarn either, as I think I started with sixteen balls and I ended up pushing the leftovers onto Cristina and Heidi's cat and still found a hank sneaking around in the drawers.

This is what happens when I ask Nick to take a picture of the detail--

Uh, the neckline and the rest of it's up here, you handsome son-of-a-diddly.

Obviously I need to be more conscious of my yarnover technique, as there's a marked difference between yarnovers before a purl stitch and yarnovers before a knit stitch, but I'll just keep wearing it without a bra and on cold days so no one will notice the unevenness (of the yarnovers. I think the "twins" are fairly twinnish; at least more on the identical side of the spectrum than fraternal. ahem).

I was in an homage to Rebecca kind of mood anyway. Here's a generally bad pic, but a better FO pic, while I was trying to jam my feet into my boots before we went outside and trying to psyche myself up for the always awkward finished knit photo phase and imagining a giddy-nipple photoshoot of Rebecca magazine.

I'm sure our phone will be ringing off the hook with modeling job offers, as somebody's got to pose for the "before" photos in those cruddy ads.

Another project knit from stash is this:

It's knit using (well, dang. I cannot find her blog. Which is weird, because I was just there recently. I thought it was just called The Dyepot, but that doesn't seem to bring it up in google. Odd. Nope, wait, Amy has it right in the comments, here's her site. The pattern is in the blog sidebar.) up until the decreases for the crown, there I just did a standard decrease pattern for a watchcap style hat, as I don't like the sack on head look, but I do like the super easy stitch pattern.

It looks a bit odd there since I didn't have the brim folded back evenly. It's a bit small for me, but that's all right as it isn't for me, it's for a nephew. It's handspun and hand dyed yarn from Deep Color which I bought way back when we lived in Oakland. Shiny blend, but I don't know of what, bulky weight single, very fun to knit with. Part of my lazy stashbusting this year is to get rid of project leftovers by either foisting them upon unwitting knitters, unsuspecting animals and/or Goodwill, but it's not happening with these leftovers. They'll get used in something.

I better get back to the knitting--the stash must die!


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