Friday, February 17, 2006

Pi is exactly 3! 

I'm sorry it had to come to that.

Cadged from Jessica's blog:
(just to clarify, all of the stuff in bold is from Jessica's blog, my comments are only included because if you read them and are playing the Knitting Olympics Drinking Game at home with Jagermeister shots then by the the time you've read to the end of this post, you will be a sticky, licorice-y smelling thoroughly ill mess who will never drink Jager again, college/high school nostalgiabe damned. That goes for Goldshlager as well. Shudder.)

The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game

created with help from Rebekkah and Natalie

Take a drink whenever someone:

1. adjusts their definition of "finishing" in order to get a gold medal.

As soon as I cast off on the sleeves I'm callin' it done. Here's a newsflash: Over 40 inches of sportweight stockinette is BOOoooooooooOOOOOOring.

2. whines about someone else being farther along on an identical project.

Cindy's not only looks better, but I think she'll probably get farther before this horrible ordeal is over.

3. drops out after realizing there is no way to knit a fingering weight fair isle adult sweater in 16 days without losing their job.

Okay, not fair isle, but this Opal, look at this:

The teal Opal, laid across a dyeing skein of the Pearl (which is supposed to be fingering weight. Really, it's on the upper end of that weight class):

After dyeing, the Pearl puffs up pretty much to the weight of the Opal--that blue green skein is an unusual example of the Pearl pufftasticness, a bit of an extreme example. The flame colorway is normal and really looks the same thickness as the Opal. I think the Pearl I get for dyeing maybe isn't plied as tightly as the dyed Opal. For one thing I don't get the twisting on itself with the Pearl I've dyed that I am getting with the Opal.

4. joins a team for something other than a country/joins a team because they like a vegetable. (Team Wales, I'm looking at you)

I have been looking for a Jamaican Bobsled team button...

5. takes a knitting short cut they really shouldn't have taken. (swatch, pfft! I'm only knitting a fair isle cabled lace shrug. Who needs a swatch!)

I did swatch. The numbers almost matched up. Good enough for me.

6. has to frog because they lost count when Michelle Kwan fell on her ass. (We all know it's going to happen.)

A-ha! Gotcha there, didn't count on her groin, didja!?!

7. buys a TiVo/DVR, so they can watch the Olympics later. It's cutting into their knitting time right now.

No, not yet...but if I miss curling one more freakin' time! Who wants to watch figure skating when there are 42 pound stones being slid across the ice, with people sweeping in front of it?

8. posts pictures of a dirty house or starving children, blaming either on the Knitting Olympics.

Ahem. My starving skinny pathetic dog, cringing by the Big Rock Laundry Mountain.

Look at him all hollow-eyed with hunger.

9. calls in sick to work in order to finish on time.

Um, I don't have a "real" job, so we'll go back to the messy house as proof of my perfidious slackin'.

10. encourages another knitter to "work through the pain," when that knitter's hands have gone numb.

Hey, go give ...and knitting some misguided encouragement to keep playing through the pain.

11. posts to a general knitlist/livejournal knitting community to ask how everyone else is doing on their projects. (blogs/communities/knitlists set up specifically for the KO exempted)

Oh crud. I guess I should join some just to make a nuisance of myself. Look out Livejournal!

12. doesn't fix a huge mistake on their project because it will keep them from finishing in time.

I am the huge mistake.

13. whines about said huge mistake after the Olympics are over.

I am hoping I'll still exist to whine about after this.

14. frogs entire project after the Knitting Olympics, due to aforementioned huge mistake. (finish the bottle for this one)

Oh hell no.

Disclaimer: The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game is for entertainment purposes only. Do not operate heavy machinery after playing. The amount of "a drink" is fluid - anything from a shot, to a glass of wine, to a sip of beer - please play responsibly.

Drink up, leddies!


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