Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Blog Post in Ten Thirteen Songs 

A meme snagged from Bronxie Knits, an actual Gold Medalist of the Knitting Olympics: put your ipod on shuffle, write down the ten songs which play.

1. Showroom Dummies by Señor Coconut, look,free download from Amazon. That's nice.

Since I'm a super-slow blogger, I figure I'll blog and intersperse with the meme when the songs change.

2.Luck be A Lady from Guys and Dolls sung by Peter Gallagher and ensemble.

I've been doing some natural dyeing, trying out an Earthues colors kit. I used cochineal extract and logwood extract and my roaster to do three pounds or so of yarn and I just could not get the pot to exhaust.

3. 'The Mikado': Mi-Ya Sa-Ma/A More Humane Mikado - Louise Gold/Timothy Spall. Apparently, I'm a) not as cool as I'd like to think I am and b) my ipod is in a soundtrack mood.

I had wool roving in for almost twelve hours on heat and could not get the pot to exhaust or the depth of shade to deepen. But the yarn that had first run attained some lovely shades. If I was a good blogger I'd have pics. Mañana. Como siempre, mañana, un otro día...
No really, I'll take pics and post 'em. In Wipplinger's

(4. A Higher Place, Tom Petty)

Instruction manual which comes with the kit she says to air cure the skeins for a week, so, it's been a week now; I'll take pre-wash pics and post and we'll see how much color stays in. I followed instructions to the letter, even scouring beforehand, something I never do with my protein fibers. (It's a good idea though, because you never know if the person who handled your fibers before you was wearing greasy moisturiser or whatever, which can affect the way your dye takes up.)

(5. Spread, Andre 3000 of Outkast. Nick and I love this song, so funny, so Prince-influenced)

I have another three or so pounds that have been mordanted and are awaiting indigo dipping. The instruction manual dictates use of an alkali agent and specifies NOT soda ash, but caustic soda, or lye. Which is hella hard to find it seems.

(6. Leave, R.E.M.)

Anyone local have suggestions for a source for pure sodium hydroxide? Any good reason why I should use lye instead of soda ash? In Heidi's excellent indigo post, she uses soda ash (and I consider her our local expert on natural dyeing) and she got great results so...

(7. Flowers on the Wall, The Statler Bros.)

I'll be overdyeing parts of the indigo dyed skeins and fibers with osage for a blue-green effect because I'm a One Trick Pony. Love the song, love the album. (Holy cow, it's a movie? Another soundtrack!)

(8. Making Love Out of Nothing at All, Air Supply) G-d, how embarrassing that that should show up. What next, "Holding Out for A Hero?")

Anyone have good ideas for peed-on couch disposal which don't actually include fire (it's covered in synthetic materials=toxic smoke, no matter how fun it might be to see it burn)?

I'm working on making this computer my perfect computer, I need to get a good image editing software on it. I might just transfer Microsoft Picture It from our other computer, but it's sometimes slow and clunky. recommendationsions? Is Elements worth $99?

I'm still chugging along on the Olympic Bicolor cable cardi, up to shaping the shoulders. Perhaps I'll edit this post later and put in piccies.

(9. Burn, Nine Inch Nails. Well, that's excellent juxtaposition with Air Supply, simply sublime.)

I have so much spinning and dyeing I need (and want) to do. And homework. Oi.

Tuesday, our business class gathered in the library and watched the librarian give a lecture on using the internet for research. The internet? Oh my, what is this thing of which you speak?
What a waste of time.
While our professor graded assignments (without reading them I think, from what I could see, and he gave my interview 10 pts when it was worth 20 because he had it confused with the extra credit busy work he also offers, I had to explain my concern regarding the mistake several times before he realised the error

(10. Riding the Winds of the West, Riders in the Sky)

and corrected it. "You don't understand why it was worth ten points?" "No, I'd like to know why I received ten points for an assignment worth twenty points." Vary this three times and equal it to a "Oh, I didn't realise, I think I thought it was a summary or something, I'm grading all these papers..." and whatever.
Dude, bring your game sometime, it might be nice to see a reason I should come to class.
And yes, I will probably drop a note to the Dean.

Anyway, I used the time to write up a mondo to-do list.

(11. Train In Vain, Annie Lennox. Yeah, we're past the meme ten, but I'm still blabbing, so might as well)

It adds up to a lot of doctors appts, vet appts, homework, studying, computer fiddling, and thank you notes. Wheeee!

(12. Loved You Enough, Yonder Mountain String Band. Fun band to go see, probably not as good as the Whoreshoes, but I like 'em anyway.)

If I was as cool/brave as Jessica, I'd do a monthly goal list, but I'm scared.

(13. Down On Me, Janis Joplin)


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