Sunday, March 26, 2006

Forgive me Blogger For I Have Sinned; It has been ten days since my last post 

And don't really have an excuse except that we've been suffering from a plague of cuteness lately.

Big butt, little head, a new family motto?

Seriously, the dogs have been keeping us down.

Belu helps Nick play GT4.

Belu demands I finish the red sweater.

I finish the red sweater, but Belu takes cr@p pictures.

As revenge, I washed one of the grotty little fuzzballs that the dogs had got seasoned "just right" (i.e. oh g-d! what is that?! oh g-d, get that outta my face!).

She's been determinedly (dare I say doggedly, hardy har har) re-seasoning it.

I will have a real post soon, 'cuz there's a actually a lot I'd like to get down. But now, I am running late for getting ready to meet up for knitting. Really really late. I should stop typing. Now.


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