Thursday, March 16, 2006

I hate reality TV. 

But I really liked "American Inventor."

"My Mom's gonna be upset and I hope you're happy!" I kind of like that guy, with his "space beetle Utopia." For those who didn't watch, a plastic globe with flashing lights, a racetrack, feeding center and atomiser for...cockroaches.

Also, speaking of media, what do "y'all" think of this Annie Proulx Oscarâ„¢ tirade? I haven't seen Capote either, but weren't they both New Yorker worthy? Isn't that accolade enough? No? Well, why be surprised when a screenplay you haven't even written gets wing-wanged when a movie ALL ABOUT LOS ANGELES shows up on the roster and wins Best In Show. Not like you got shut out or nuthin'.

A week late or whatever, but that's how I get my news.
I listen to the NPR Quiz Shows* to let me know what's worth talking about.

*Seriously, if you think you are Clever McSchmartypantz, you will enjoy the Wait Wait.


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