Monday, April 24, 2006

Belu's Back 

Belu is back at home. Her labs are good, her stools are good (but left on the deck, not down in the yard like they should be, lazy little b*tch, but we're so happy to have her home that we'll smack her aroun' later) and she's seems to be doing well. She gets a recheck on Thursday. She left kibble on her plate though when I fed her, which is a bit worrying, but I think we've all had a bit of an appetite killer of a week.

We are so happy to have her home. Tahoe's happy too, although she hasn't opened up a can of whup@ss on him yet as is her habit. Another aberration, but I'm sure she'll make him scream in pain and fear soon and we can all breathe a sigh of relief of normality.

I feel a big void and I know that no one can replace Snowball or come close, but I can't help but think of a couple of greyhounds at the center...Nick thinks we should wait...but there's a shy girl named Dorset, or a mellow doofus named Romney. Not to mention, there are some broken leg dogs. But he is almost always right, so we'll wait. But I have poor impulse control, so we'll see.

Spinning, knitting, dyeing in the next post.

And hey, you who we met at the Emergency Vets--I'm sorry we didn't do a round of introductions, all I can remember is the cute girl who Belu didn't try to bite the nose of was named Selba (sp?). Please say howdy so I can bookmark your blog!

Thank you everyone for your comments, we really appreciate it. I wish everybody could have experienced the sheer joy of the Snowball spaaztastic thrill of being.

We are very lucky, and while it really hurts right now, we're glad we had him while we did, and it's nice to hear from "all y'all" out there...total flashback--"Thank you for your support!" (Damn you Bartles and Jaymes and your stanky wine coolers too!)


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