Saturday, May 06, 2006

D'oh! or Tips for Idiots 

First "d'oh!" moment is going to a Coronado city council meeting without knitting. WTH was I thinking?

I didn't have anything I wouldn't have to look at a pattern for and I thought looking at a pattern would be rude, but it seemed as if at any given time there were whispered conversations going on while someone was talking, including the charming statement, "Well I wanted to get up and talk but I don't want to have to listen to any of this!" Which is kind of funny because at the beginning they give people time to come up and talk about anything they want, whether it's on the agenda later or not. So they could have talked without having to listen if they'd bothered to get their @sses there on time.

So, don't ever go to any political process without the handwork.

Then Amy sent me a fabulous perk-me-up package complete with whoopee cushion (because she's never met me in person she doesn't realise that a cushion of whoopee ain't got nuthin' on my noisy nalgas), a beautiful blue sheepy mug and a fantastically fat hank of Fleece Artist blue & green fingering weight bluefaced leicester two-ply.

I was so excited to be trying to bust outta my knitting funk that I cast on for a top down raglan--I did swatch though first to see what the st st gauge and drape was on US6s--and then an inch of 3x3 ribbing for the crew neck.

And you know, if you're going to use an easy-peasy fill in the blank customised raglan formula thingamajigger then maybe one should read the thing first. Oops.

I could have just started the stockinette and placed markers and jumped into the raglan part, but the worksheet has a dropped front collar and I wanted to try it as plotted.

I also didn't follow the measuring guidelines--I'm hoping that doesn't bite me in the butt later.

And also, if you mess up and add an accidental double increase where you shouldn't, don't try and balance with another one on the other side if they're both going to be on the front of an otherwise uninterrupted stockinette stretch. It's going to bug you, and if you don't want to rip back a couple rows to fix it, it's going to bug you extra hard a thousand or (four thousand or more) stitches later and you'll be even less likely or willing to rip back to fix it.

So I don't know what you'd do, but I'm calling the matching messups my persian carpet tribute to Allah.

At least I swatched.

Also, if you've been doing a fair bit of dyeing and you're finishing up and decide to do one last little experimental colorway batch and you leave it in the oven to cool off before washing it out...don't forget about it for three weeks.

I wondered what that damp moldy smell was. ;)

It's a bummer because the colorway turned out pretty cool on the sock yarn, and it would have been neat to see in the fiber. And of course, I hate wasting fiber and this has to go to the garbage. I mean there's Vegetable Matter and then there's vegetable matter. I'm happy enough to wash fecal matter from fleece, but I draw the line at mold.

Oh well.

Weird looking weasel dog reclining in Daddy's arms and bathed in midmorning light. it looks like she lost her ears in the laundry.


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